Hunt a Haiku Challenge 



love lasts for a while, when the while is forever, forever looks a while.

“I love your smell.”


“I said, I love the way you smell.”

“Is that so? And you don’t think there is anything creepy about that, dear?”

“Why? Why does it have to be creepy? You’re my wife, I love your smell, I love every little thing about you.”

“Someone’s in a praising mood.”

“You know, these little idiosyncrasies, the way you smell, the way you laugh hysterically around me, the fact that your neck tickles a lot, these things, little facts that only I know, that’s what makes you my wife. You can have tens of friends, hundred relatives, but these idiosyncrasies, they make you my wife.”

“I love you.”

“You do know, I’ll follow you until the end of time.”

“You don’t have to. You’ll never have to, we will walk, together, hand in hand.”



IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge 

via Daily Prompt: Fragrance


Now this is what I would like to call two birds with one stone.

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