Hunt a Haiku Challenge 



love lasts for a while, when the while is forever, forever looks a while.

“I love your smell.”


“I said, I love the way you smell.”

“Is that so? And you don’t think there is anything creepy about that, dear?”

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What the hell am I going to write about lollipop?

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop

Today’s daily prompt is lollipop. There is only one thought that came in my mind when I saw that the daily prompt was lollipop, “Shit. I never ate a lollipop in my life, what would I write about it?” but I guess writing about the fact that I never ate a lollipop is better than getting stuck with a writer’s block. Oh my god, can you believe it if a topic like lollipop ends up throwing you into a writer’s block. God, the humiliation.

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