How To Define A Successful Blog


One word with so much potential.

If I ask you to define blogging, what will you say? And keep in mind, you aren’t allowed to google.

If this post ends up being read by hundred people (Which is highly unlikely), there will be hundred different answers.

The word is so versatile and diverse. Million people, million definitions.

I’ll tell you mine. For me, blogging represents artistic freedom. There is no right or wrong way to blog. There is only blogging.

Brilliant? Maybe not.

dog sitting in front of a computer/laptop - humour, funny

Successful, and unsuccessful, that’s another deal.

Tell me something, how will you define a blog as successful? The one that earns million dollars in revenue? The one that contains the relevant information for which you read it? A blog that provided you an escape from the pain?

I can give hundred other examples, but I guess I made my point clear.

Successful blogs, like the definition of blogging, are based on an arbitrary notion. Million people, million points of views.

One general conception of blogging, for writers, is that blogging improves your writing skill.

That’s a generalized statement.

Blogging does help you improve your command over language, I’ll agree to that. But how do you define improvement of writing skills?

Let me carry it forward as a reader rather than a writer.

**Nerd alert.**

When I read a blog, I expect a post to contain simple language, and easy to digest bits of information. I also expect it to be a standalone story. if it starts something, it should end it on a satisfactory note too.

At least satisfactory by my standards.

When I read a novel, I do not expect that. I do not want easy to digest chunks. I want a complicated story in which the information on page ten suddenly becomes relevant on page two-hundred-fifty.

I can give more examples, but that sums it up nicely.

Blogging is about conversing. At its root, it’s all about informal conversations. Come to think of it, even creative writing, at its root, is about conversing.

But that’s a different style of conversation.


10 thoughts on “How To Define A Successful Blog

  1. When it makes that positive difference in life it has achieved success. So, pat your back, you and your blog are successful today. Because, I have developed this logic today by reading your blog! lol

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    1. So, I brainstormed for five minutes planning how should I reply to your comment. How much wit I should use, and whatnot. Well, I failed.
      I’m still as clueless as I was when I read your comment.
      Thank you so much. I’m speechless, and believe me, that’s a rarity. 🙂

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  2. I’ve had quite a few blogs since I started of in about 2010. Some were more successful than others if success is to be measured in the number of followers. I started a new one a couple of weeks back.
    I agree that blogging is about conversing but these days my measure of whether or not my blog is successful is whether or not I manage remain true to my authentic self – a slippery concept but ultimately, for me, the true test as to whether or not anything I do is truly successful.


  3. I think you can define it a success based on what the author’s goal was at the outset. Mine was to be creative on a regular basis. The blog was to hold myself accountable. By the way IF you want more readers try promoting your posts on Pinterest and maybe Bloglovin. I can send you a link about promoting on Pinterest if that interests you.

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  4. For me blog is an exceptional way to Interact with different people with almost same madness. It also is a good platform to write what you actually have in your mind without an amazing writing skills. There are no standards to write here . Just write


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