Eternal Words

My amorphous one, 

My inhabited soul, 

The angel 

Covered with veil of my love, 

Let me etch my existence into your dreams, 

For I’m yours 

And you’re mine.

In every breath, 

I’m a man of words,

These words,

They do not fade, 

They are eternal, 

As eternal as our love. 

They aren’t far from reality, 

They are the beautiful reality, 

The unbelievable reality 

That you ignite in me.

Our love 

Is worthy 

Of these eternal words.

In stones of melting reality,

These words 

Lay the foundation 

Of our 

Eternal planet.


The Eternal Wait – An Original Sketch

Well, dear readers, just like my last post “The Dying Land” this time also, I’m going to use the daily prompt and the weekly photo challenge to create another post. This time it’s a poem.

The Eternal Wait

The Eternal Wait

In the depth,

Of the scream of every leaf,

Through strangled breaths,

If only we could soothe this motionless chaos,

if only we could collect the mist of memories forgotten.

If only.

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Reasonable Doubts

In mourning of that lost voice,

Wretched reasons,

They collapsed,

They eluded me forever from embracing the truth.

And for in those desperations,

In every truth that I hid,

In every lie that I denied,

I battled

Constantly in those monarchy of sins, in monarchy of lies.

Piece by piece, bone by bone,

Thoughts of conflict broke my fragile skin.

Broken and in pain I died every night,

In rugs of silence, and

Of elevated absence,

Surrounded by dusky shadows.

Falling from abandoned dreams,

The darkness held me in her embrace, so tightly.

Into this spirit of a fast-dying conscience,

Into which I always sank,

Into a territory so unknown,

A place where it was so mortal cold.

And in that inconsolable rage of my own,

Through the black mist that had fallen,

In faintness of solitude and disuse.

So sunken and suppressed; silent words

Had passed, but not for very long.

Reflecting back on my troubled yesterdays,

And those days,

They don’t seem that far.

Every lie that walked on me,

All emotions that caused me despair and pain,

Everything unreal I was supposed to believe.

But when it all comes undone,

For some reason that I know,

I walked tall from my numbness,

Maybe scarred,

But I walked on lines

Of my

Reasonable doubts.


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Unfinished Words

Through these lonely nights,

Unfinished words,

O my friend, my heart’s companion,

On my knees,

I weep like a soul in despair.

O best beloved,

I stand through a thick pall of darkness,

As you travel on.

The thoughts of you and me, a forgotten wish.

Nothing earned or lost,

Now that you are gone,

Empty hours,

they go so slow.

Miles get longer as I get close to you.

Words are too mild to say it all.

Along the walls of my heart,

There are arched niches,

In which resides the dusts of mournful pensiveness.

Terror struck, I cannot tell day from night,

Bitter and harsh and sour.

Burning red, burning bright,

Burning up, until nothing is left inside.

But it won’t last,

From time to time, I’d start awake,

I’d tremble in fearful unrest.

Of all the things that never die,

I’ve hold on to you,

In all those moments,

which make no sense to you, we reside.

In all those relentless memories,

A continuing tale,

You are still by my side.

I am falling to pieces because you are absent.

Everywhere I go, I feel your presence.

Each day that I live without you,

Step after step,

Through all eternity.

O love,

Some day, you will discover,

Going far off, the door stays nearest the heart.


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An Agony of solitude

A soul enamored of solitude,

A heart abhorring alienation,

A mind scarred by agony to equilibrate,

Drowned in emotions torn to shreds,

In soul absent of hope,

In heart drowning with optimism,

there is a struggle,

in mist,

between burning gentleness

and melting sadness.

Tell me of waves of broken thoughts,

destroying and preserving itself within the same walls.

A soul muddled by hollow grief,

gathered dust of withered belonging.

Staring endlessly at the rising ghost,

a ghost of desolate space.

A soundless tremble that surrounds me forever,

filled with solitary air.

Abominable solitude?

Or a persistent agony?


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I am afraid to admit,

There may come a time,

When I will exist, only in your memories.

There will be a time,

On certain days,

When there will be a certain space,

Between me and you, between our hearts.

But you can’t let these agonies,

Strike the silence that will wait for you.

At times, it isn’t possible

To win except by falling.

And respecting the presence,

Of that motionless and visible misfortune,

Those shadows of terrible lies.

And with every passing breath,

Even when it has a certain limit,

It shows your presence,

Your shadow,

To be limitless.


via Daily Prompt: Rhyme


All I can recall, a room of emptiness,

In my thoughts, lost and all alone,

My days all gone,

For all that I was and for all that I ever will be,

I’ll be scarred, naked and striped of my heart,

In my heart, I’ll wait,

In my words, I’ll breathe your name,

All alone.

I’m blessed with pain,

My ripped heart, all torn, discarded.

In an endless sea,

In this dark black room,

Drifting, floating, lost without direction,

All alone.

Wasted shadow,

Sailed away from me too, in a storm of confusion.

My burden, I cannot tell any of it apart,

Just give me back my world,

My shattered sun, my torn nights,

My suffocating air,

Which left me,

Never to return.

Nothingness, relent and scream,

My candle of life exhausted.

Eternally damned, I confess,

I gathered darkness for so long,

Forgetting myself in the storm.


Inspired via Daily Prompt: Willy-nily

Wings of Life

My wings of life were long forgotten,

Burned and smoked,

My thoughts they are blanketed by bitter nights,

I muddy the wings of despair I never chose,

Yet I take a flight through burning sky.