All I can recall, a room of emptiness,

In my thoughts, lost and all alone,

My days all gone,

For all that I was and for all that I ever will be,

I’ll be scarred, naked and striped of my heart,

In my heart, I’ll wait,

In my words, I’ll breathe your name,

All alone.

I’m blessed with pain,

My ripped heart, all torn, discarded.

In an endless sea,

In this dark black room,

Drifting, floating, lost without direction,

All alone.

Wasted shadow,

Sailed away from me too, in a storm of confusion.

My burden, I cannot tell any of it apart,

Just give me back my world,

My shattered sun, my torn nights,

My suffocating air,

Which left me,

Never to return.

Nothingness, relent and scream,

My candle of life exhausted.

Eternally damned, I confess,

I gathered darkness for so long,

Forgetting myself in the storm.


Inspired via Daily Prompt: Willy-nily

Wings of Life

My wings of life were long forgotten,

Burned and smoked,

My thoughts they are blanketed by bitter nights,

I muddy the wings of despair I never chose,

Yet I take a flight through burning sky.


What better way to contrive your memories,

Than in these words.

To remember your heartless, ponderous desires,

Than in these words.

What better way to show my love, either not seen or forgotten.

All the reasons you gave, my pale heart cannot embrace.

My love for you made sense,

In tears scarcely shed.

My amorphous one,

I perceive the smell of your skin.

In back of my mind, revolves an isolated emptiness,

So unkeen.

The memories of you, emerges from the night around me.

And I see myself forgotten,

In every shadowy flutter you see.

Unconditional Lies

Unconditional lies,

Manic subversion.

Unsure existence,

Camouflaged innocence.

Saint of sin,

A fate of cries,

A dream of lies to keep control.

Was that the secret?

Was that love?



For some reasons that I know,

By silence that echoes,

My words, they shy.

My words, they conspire,

My words, waving a web of unspoken thoughts,

They collude,

They’re frozen in time,

Crossing my incomplete thoughts,

The deep place that I wish to keep for myself.

For some reasons, my words betrayed me today.


A little tribute to my silent friend. My lone companion. My writer’s block.

Eternal Wait

So many times we wait,

So many memories we relive.

And so we wait.

And just like that we are wasted,

Just like tears in rain.