How to be popular? Ten tips

Ten steps definitely worth taking.

Revolving Around Life

IMG_20180126_191452.jpg The colours of the sunset: This was captured by me on my mobile phone during an evening walk. Perfect for today’s prompt Silhouette, right?

How to be popular among friends and in society? Do you need to do anything or just be yourself? Do you want to be figured out as a silhouette, like a figure against the dimming light of the society?

Many of us want to lead, want to be noticed, regarded, followed by others. They are not wrong, everyone rather, should try to set an example which others can follow.

  • First of all, if you want to be popular, be kind enough to everyone. Greet all you come across during your working hours, with a smile. Enquire about their well-being if they are close enough. Show a positive attitude to help others.
  • Listen to others, as well as talk about yourself. Interact with others at least…

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