IBMC #06: The Mass Media Challenge

“I am truly a ‘lone traveller’ and have never belonged to my country, my home, my friends, or even my immediate family, with my whole heart; in the face of all these ties, I have never lost a sense of distance and a need for solitude.” — The World As I See It by Albert Einstein.

The sun had fallen. Pure Crimson sky, streaked by few splashes of blue and violet here and there, and no hint of anything else. My flesh bubbled with goosebumps from the chills that ran down my spine. It was cold. The cold air, gently bouncing over the waves added their own twist to the mercury’s struggle.

The evening was bitter cold.

“I just want us to agree this is part of who we are,” The woman sitting in the chair spoke.

I let the silence stretch, fighting the lurch in my guts and the anger that wanted expression. My mind utterly in distress, the silent war, the emotional conflict raging in my head. The shrill sound of the telephone ringing broke me out of my insecurities.

“For better or worse?” I intoned.

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The Ballad of Coffee

I drink ton of Tea, we Indians generally do. But my true love, oh you black devil. No, I’m not racist.

I desperately needed some silliness today. Alright, more accurately, I either need a hug right now, or maybe 6 cups of coffee. After all, there is still enough blood left in my caffeine stream.


The Ballad of Coffee


Hello dear old friend,

Arms wide open

I wait for you.

And even though I don’t say it

I love you.

I love every sip.

Time to drink some coffee,

Coffee, coffee

Shut up and let me drink my coffee.

Home is where the good coffee is,

Dear, you are brew-ti-ful

O my noble coffee,

Nothing is like a hot coffee on a cold day,

Or a hot day,

Or a warm day,

Or a humid day.

Shut up, let me drink my coffee.

All I need is love

Or maybe



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The Heretic Anthem

The past cannot be erased and it doesn’t come back to haunt us, it simply never leaves. I learned that first-hand yesterday. I like to believe that I had moved on, I like to believe it was a memory I could walk away from. But I guess my over inflated ego deserved that. A sucker punch. I’m aching now but don’t worry my silent friend, my over inflated ego does have a high shock absorbent property.

Only if our brain worked like a hard disc, so many memories I’d like to overwrite, so many memories I’d like to delete, I do not want any cached versions of any of that.

That was a nerd joke. Never mind.

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For some reasons that I know,

By silence that echoes,

My words, they shy.

My words, they conspire,

My words, waving a web of unspoken thoughts,

They collude,

They’re frozen in time,

Crossing my incomplete thoughts,

The deep place that I wish to keep for myself.

For some reasons, my words betrayed me today.


A little tribute to my silent friend. My lone companion. My writer’s block.

Why Do Your Characters Curse So Much?

Before we start, I’ll quote one line from Slipknot, “So step inside and see the devil in I.”

That was a warning.

Alright, it has to be one of the weirdest coincidence. I had finished few of the chapters of the novel I’m writing and I gave those drafts to one of my friends to read and give feedback.

And the first question he asked me, “Why do your characters curse so much?”

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Who Am I?

You want to know about Me. Hmm, interesting.

I wrote these particular lines in Diary of a Madman, “Whatever words I say here might make some sense to certain people because after all what works for me might not work for you. It is my blog, these are my words and if you like them, we’ll end up learning a few things about each other.”

My need, my dark passenger. If any of you read Darkly Dreaming Dexter, or seen Dexter, you know what I’m talking about. But my need is not to kill someone, and cut them into pieces, my need for perfection, that’s my dark passenger. My silent one who stops me at every step from achieving anything, it’s too critical of me. This blog is my peace offering to my dark passenger.

Hello my silent friend, I’m Nitesh and I like to believe that creativity is in my blood.

Perceptions and preferences. Choice and chance. What my words mean to you can never mean the same to the person standing next to you. Sounds random? Don’t worry, it’ll get ugly very soon.

Let me ask you something, are personalities inherent or are they malleable, influenced by everything, from books to parents to friends to films to music to art? This is something I still struggle with, am I a product of my conscience or am I a product of my upbringing? Could two of them equally be important? I have no idea.

Maybe we’ll figure it together.

Choice and chance. I guess, there is no such thing as wrong or right, only if it can be accepted by the masses. I always say one thing, based on an individual’s psych, even a murderer can justify his killings. Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t makes it right, I’m just saying there is no such as right or wrong when it comes to individual perceptions. And that’s where the concept of moral reasoning comes into. I don’t like that word, moral, hmm, let’s say choice. That’s where the concept of choice comes into. What would you choose, greater good of everyone or benefit for you at cost of others?

Don’t give too much thought, you’ve already made up your mind, try to remember the first thing that came into your mind. I told you I’m going to show you your ugly face.

Introversion, I guess, it has become a marketing technique now. Introvert, I guess, it has become a pen name for almost everyone, even though it merges with their views in the way black merges with white. Stark contrast. I am an introvert, in every sense of the word. But why should I use that as a label, as a tag? I’m much more than my likeness for social interaction. I’m much more than what kind of friend I have.

I’m an introvert, that’s a chance. I want to be defined by my choices. I want to be defined by my words and I’ve to write, otherwise I’ll go insane with the storm that brews in my head. You don’t have to follow me, we’ll walk together. I won’t hide a secret from you. You can read all of it between the lines.

As an afterthought, let me say one thing, “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain. I guess it is OK to be the villain sometimes.”