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It’s Going To Be Legen…Wait For It…Dary.

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Well. Oh sorry, customary warning, this post contains too much profanity, if you consider the versatile f word to be profanity.

And by the way, a fuck must be earned, all right. I can’t just go wandering giving up fucks for free. That’d be so tiring.

And if you ask, why so much profanity, or as I call them, sentence enhancers? Because I’m happy. Go figure that shit out.

So, let me quote someone who is way too well known. It is going to be, legen…wait for it…dary. it’s going to be legendary.

Buckle your seatbelts if you enjoy the twisted kind of humour. Put away your coffee or tea, or water. By the way, why are you drinking water?

Don’t you know it’s winter? Drink coffee. Why? Because crack is bad for you.

Don’t believe me? Well, wait for two minutes.

Still not sure? 

That ascended pretty fast, right, huh, right?


Well, let me bring the big guns here.

This one is literally, figuratively, and some more stupid superlatives, kind of legen… Well, you guess the rest.

You think I’m not funny? Well, read the caption again. Psst, the one at the bottom of all the images.

Got it?

Oh, and don’t forget.


All images were created using Canva. Yup, still using it.


Three Disastrous Words You Should Avoid Like Plague

dog sitting in front of a computer/laptop - humour, funny

As many of my regular readers know, I’ve been recently working on my novel, “A Love Story?” It has been an exhaustive but satisfying process. For the last eight-ten days, I’ve been extensively editing my novel. As a result, I do believe I have some authority when I tell you to avoid the words that I am about to share.

These words, they do not add anything substantial to your writing, or what we technically call filler words. In no manner, I am saying that you should follow my words like Bible (Though that’d be cool).

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Being Good In A Funny World

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Opinionated Head

Christmas is around the corner and Santa is making his good and bad list. I wonder how does he do that. I wonder how does he define good or bad. As a kid I used to believe that being good means being kind and not hurting anyone mentally or physically. Then I grew up and had my things stolen, trust broken and ass grabbed by strangers and

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