A Tale Whispered Beneath Raggedy Breathes

There is a tale,

Of weaved words,

That died,

Before reaching my trembling lips.

A cold tale that creeps,

Through the faint open doors,

Of my eyes.

A tale, suppressed,

Begging me, sometimes you.

A tale, crippled,

In dire need for its voice.

A tale of dancing words,

Embracing each other,

In their open arms.

A tale,

Stripped of words,

Yet filled to brim,

With confused affection.

A tale,

Diffusing through the air,

Like a faint scent,

Of spring morning.

The scent,

Without words,

But with pleasure,

That creeps through the pores,

Of our open skin.

A tale of wonders,

Of secrets that can’t be hid,

Despite persistent cloaking.

A tale of unyielding storm,

A tale,


Beneath raggedy breathes,

By you,


By me.


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In late wee hours of the night,

Or maybe

The wee early hours of the morning,

I couldn’t be sure, for

It doesn’t hold significance,

I was wondering how it came to be.

There you were,

Next to me,

The radiant heat of your breath

Sending jolts of euphoria,

Sparkling thoughtless,

Yet profound imagery

In my subconscious reality.

Into an ever unending loop I could have gone,

Pondering the beauty of the moment,

You next to me,

But then I realized,

Wondering in my lone castle

Would strip me of priceless moments

With you,

So with a confusing, yet clear mind,

I abandon the thought,

And feel you breathe,

Oblivious to the wee hours

Of late night,

Or maybe early morning hours.


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Well, hello there. Again.

Hmm, so what do I want to say. Let me think.

How about the fact that I forgot about gratitude Saturday? This is going to take some time, you know, the whole gratitude business.

Either way, let’s do it today. What I am grateful for?

This week, it isn’t too complicated. I think I’m done with the novel. I’ve gone through four drafts. Rearranging, adding, deleting and all that crap.

A love story which isn’t a love story.

I’ve given it so many reads that I’m hating to even look at it right now. That’s surely a sign that you have given one novel enough time.

So, this is what I’m grateful for.

One novel, perfectly finished. Well, written part at least. Publishing, that’s another level of hell I’ve to go through.

Oh, and as always, I’m grateful for every single one of you. I’ve 699 followers, pretty sure, I’ll have 700 tomorrow. So, why wait? Hey dear wanderer, yeah you, the one who is thinking of following my little corner. Yeah, thank you in advance.

You all mean a lot to me. Shit, I wrote a novel with all of you. Didn’t I?

Diary Of A Madman – 02-11-2017 Entry

An excerpt from the revised version of A Love Story?

“You whore, I’ll fucking cut your throat right here on the road if you raise your voice one more time.” Those were the words that suddenly captured my attention. Albeit they weren’t supposed to. That was a rather common occurrence in our little locality. After all, I was the only one who paused after listening to them.

As my gaze turned towards the source of those beautiful words, I saw what I’d expected to see.

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