A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty One

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“You’re nothing more than a whore, every time you go there, giving your opinion when no one asks you to, why don’t you simply marry him? Why do you even live in this house? Huh?” Don’t worry, my silent friend, those aren’t my words. I just witnessed them everyday in my childhood. That was my father’s most proud argument. That was all my father thought of my mother. That was how my father always started beating my mother. He always started with some words of true praise.

Thirteen years have passed and it still seems so raw. I was only seventeen back then. How you love and hate someone in the same moment? Why can’t I only be happy or only be sad? Why does it have to be so confusing? Why does every emotion needs to be camouflaged with something else? If only it was that simple.

On most days, I was scared that he’ll beat me too, so I let my mother take the beating while I hid like a scared little puppy. At least that way I never got physically hurt. I don’t know what changed on that day, I honestly don’t know why I raised my voice on that day.

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Meghalaya – The Land Of Exotic Flowers

Nature never ceases to amaze. Check out the original post to view some brilliant photographs that unfurl nature’s beauty.

Bon Voyage

I arrived in Meghalaya during the monsoon season and many may say this is not the right time to visit this North-Eastern state.
But as I had expected, the rains made the whole place a lot more beautiful. As I reached the state, it started raining and the lush green tress and vibrant flowers started dancing, as if welcoming me.
I could not recognize most of the flowers, but surely they were the most colorful ones I have ever seen in my whole life.
I snapped them in various parts of Meghalaya ranging from Cherrapunji to Shillong. Be it shape or color, their charming beauty made my journey more enjoyable.


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‘Cause broken is beautiful 

By tears scarcely shed,
The one purified itself, of all that devoured his soul,
Come apart, the broken one,
By these tears that you’ll breathe into yourself,
You’ll renew and reincarnate.
Truly beautiful little story

Let's Bloom

These days we all deal with depression and lack of confidence. Our broken dreams don’t let us dive in the fantasy world again. This is ’cause we are afraid of getting broken.

But when I think a bit deeper, what I find is that we love broken things even more. Just think for a while …. why a shooting star is more special and seems more adorable than before….. why we get attached in fact why we fall for broken people so readily.

Let me tell u a story, it’s about a star…. a star which never used to shine ,that faded star which once used to be happy with its dim gleam.

But with time star met the moon and fell in love with it but moon never loved it and star was in hope of being loved one day and kept waiting but it never happened, that…

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A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty

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My silent friend, do you know that feeling when your body aches just a little more, your eyes burn, your head feels a lot heavier, your breathing becomes labored and even the air feels baleful? On certain morning it feels as if there is no meaning to life and I’m nothing more than a worthless piece of shit. Moments like these, they are random, there is nothing premeditated to it or maybe there is, who knows.

It’s not as if you do not want to leave the comfort of your bed, it’s simply the fact that you struggle to find a reason to do so, nothing makes sense. You lack the inspiration to do anything.

When I woke up the next morning, I was in a foul mood. There are certain days when you wake up and you’re just not in a good mood, there is nothing you can do to change it. Suddenly the fan makes too much noise, the toothpaste is finished, the water is too hot and the worst, you don’t have a clean pair of socks to wear. If you prefer your coffee little strong, it starts to taste a little sweet and if you prefer it light, it suddenly starts tasting a little bitter. That morning, the coffee was just a little sweeter. Some mornings are just horrible.

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The Darkness

The Misunderstood One.

Pravarthika's log

O the creatures of this earth,

Tell me about your life.
Tell me how you lived,
Tell me how you live,
Tell me how you will.
How do you do without begrudging your life?
Cause this life,
Makes me feel I’m no good to live.
Do I have a purpose?
Do I have a cause?
Even if I do,
I do not belong to
What I do to do.
Will I get to my right place?
Will I get my right space?
To do what I want to do.
Must I do good in what I do?
Should I hate what I want to do?
Or should I love what I do to do?
Should I regret who I am?
Or should I bloom on who I am?
Do I need these failures?
Do I need them to do?
Why do they stop me
From what I want to do?

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A Love Story? – Chapter Nineteen

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As I’d said, I just can’t let the memories of that morning fade away so easily. It was a morning that altered too much in too little time. It was the morning I found someone who was intellectually compatible with me. A person who thought of the world in shades of gray, not black or white, not men or women but as a human being.

Sadly, pain always triumphs happiness and sadness always triumphs smile. That is reality, no matter how much we’d like to believe otherwise. We’d been smiling for a while by then and in those moments, it did felt as if the time was blazing away. But once we were past my terrible jokes, once my terrible humor felt face down and faded away, the pain and frustration did returned, this time with a vengeance.

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All I can recall, a room of emptiness,

In my thoughts, lost and all alone,

My days all gone,

For all that I was and for all that I ever will be,

I’ll be scarred, naked and striped of my heart,

In my heart, I’ll wait,

In my words, I’ll breathe your name,

All alone.

I’m blessed with pain,

My ripped heart, all torn, discarded.

In an endless sea,

In this dark black room,

Drifting, floating, lost without direction,

All alone.

Wasted shadow,

Sailed away from me too, in a storm of confusion.

My burden, I cannot tell any of it apart,

Just give me back my world,

My shattered sun, my torn nights,

My suffocating air,

Which left me,

Never to return.

Nothingness, relent and scream,

My candle of life exhausted.

Eternally damned, I confess,

I gathered darkness for so long,

Forgetting myself in the storm.


Inspired via Daily Prompt: Willy-nily

Where Dragons Dwell

It has been a long time since I’ve shared my terrible taste in music, so to keep the jury well fed, here is a truly epic live performance of “Where Dragons Dwell” by Gojira, the most underrated band in metal history. The only band who sounds even better live than in studio. Oh, the double bass.