A Tale Whispered Beneath Raggedy Breathes

There is a tale,

Of weaved words,

That died,

Before reaching my trembling lips.

A cold tale that creeps,

Through the faint open doors,

Of my eyes.

A tale, suppressed,

Begging me, sometimes you.

A tale, crippled,

In dire need for its voice.

A tale of dancing words,

Embracing each other,

In their open arms.

A tale,

Stripped of words,

Yet filled to brim,

With confused affection.

A tale,

Diffusing through the air,

Like a faint scent,

Of spring morning.

The scent,

Without words,

But with pleasure,

That creeps through the pores,

Of our open skin.

A tale of wonders,

Of secrets that can’t be hid,

Despite persistent cloaking.

A tale of unyielding storm,

A tale,


Beneath raggedy breathes,

By you,


By me.


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An Ephemeral Love

There you were,

Hidden behind

The veil of insecurity,

Beautiful in the eyes of a renegade,

Stripped of judgement,

From all the lies of appearances.

But, on the edge of acceptance,

On the verge of evolving into a recepient,

Of all evil that progress stands for,

You were hesitant.

And in that brief moment of question,

You did become mine,

If only for an ephemeral moment,

I did find you,

Even though

You were soon to be forgotten.


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Tell Me You Will Haunt Me

With those eyes of yours,
Shimmering with desires so foreign,
Tell me you will haunt me.

Breathe my name,
Under the faint murmur of ghostly winds,
And with those trembling lips of yours,
Tell me you will haunt me.

Tell me you will pass through me,
Every fiber of you colliding with my broken soul,
Tell me, even in death,
Just the way you did in living breathes,
Tell me you will haunt me.

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In late wee hours of the night,

Or maybe

The wee early hours of the morning,

I couldn’t be sure, for

It doesn’t hold significance,

I was wondering how it came to be.

There you were,

Next to me,

The radiant heat of your breath

Sending jolts of euphoria,

Sparkling thoughtless,

Yet profound imagery

In my subconscious reality.

Into an ever unending loop I could have gone,

Pondering the beauty of the moment,

You next to me,

But then I realized,

Wondering in my lone castle

Would strip me of priceless moments

With you,

So with a confusing, yet clear mind,

I abandon the thought,

And feel you breathe,

Oblivious to the wee hours

Of late night,

Or maybe early morning hours.


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In Outlying Shades of World – Poetry

It was the year of Great War, a year one might call an abyss in time. In those outlying shades of the world, a sudden bringing of ancient and modern came into absolute contact. There was born a child, in those bitter, mortal cold shores. A child who later became caring yet blind by his rage. A broken child of fragile and responsive organisation. Of discomfort, positive pain and ultimate injury. He was the child of legends, legends ever heard by rustic men.

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The Answers Faded

In stillness of time paused

In moment that we rejoiced

On the mountain of cold tears

We faded into each other.

In the moonless darkness of death

In the water of the soul that men breathe

Among the shades of evening that they seek

We escaped.

Before the moment of echo

Under the whispers of question

In the air of discord, the answers faded

In that moment we parted.

The old reason escaped.

Just the thought of crossing the question

Shivered us

And we merged again.