Writing A Perfect Blog

Ahh, hell. Yup, that’s exactly how you’ll feel if you can create a perfect blog. A blog with good commercial potential, perfect layout, perfect posts, posts that will satisfy everyone, that will not hurt the sentiments of anyone. A perfectly knit creative layout.


What I’ve learned in last week is simple. A little background on last week, I’ve written certain posts that I am specifically proud of, though I love every single one of my post, the posts that I’ve written in last week are the ones I’ll show if someone asks me to show them some of my selected posts. One hundred and ninety-four posts and four of them taught me something profound.

I said it in one of my previous posts that when I write while traveling I write ugly. If I post any of those notes, in their unedited form, half of you will simply unfollow me. Man, I’m mean when I write. So I guess, even I publish well polished hypocritical posts.

Few of the friends that I’ve made through my blog are the best ones, at least their words seem that way so far. That is what. Words. Not their faces, voice, or skin color. You know we have this judge-o-meter inside each one of us, it’s inherent, this moral ethnic code of shit. I could have said negativity but it wouldn’t have been fair, it’s a rule-book filled with shit.

When we see someone, we judge them based simply on their facial characteristics, believe me, I’m a scientist, I know, we judge them by the pitch of their voice, we judge them by their Color, we all do. We are the best lawyer when we defend our mistakes and we are the best judge when we prosecute others for their mistake. Even the self-proclaimed least judgmental person like me does that. With words, we end up losing that luxury, stripped of all the shit.


There is one saying, “We are drowning in information but we are thirsty for knowledge.” People do whatever is trendy at that moment. I have a story behind everything, my taste in music, my taste in art, my taste in literature or my taste in cinema. Everything has a story. After all, I do hate despacito, don’t I? There are many questions we do not know the answer to, and there’s no shame in admitting to that. Why be part of something you have no sense of belonging to? Don’t believe what is supposed to be true, the greatest discoveries were done against the dogma.

In case my point was not clear so far, let me spell it out more simply, write honestly. Write filthy and ugly. At least that’s the way I do, I don’t know about you duck heads (Grabbety, you’ll get it). Maybe you’ll find another glorious way of writing a blog.


This post was originally published on 18th September 2017. Since then, it has become one of my best posts (Based on readership and engagement). In last two months, I’ve been followed by many bloggers and I’ve made many new friends. Recently, I came across a post on the official WordPress forum where Michelle Weber wrote one line that connected with me most. Nothing on our blog is permanent, or in other words, our blog isn’t a static entity. It’s dynamic.

That advice seems simple on the surface but it’s something I’ve been ignoring since the day I started blogging.

How do we, as bloggers with free WordPress plan, achieve dynamicity on our blog? Publishing new content every day is one thing, I’m talking about something else. It’s a little tricky but, you know, let’s tread lightly, for now, we are in unchartered territories.

It’s called reposting. Basically, you use your old posts and you update the date to the current day, that way you keep the post visible for those who missed it or for those who have since joined you.

Now, hold on ethical police, I do not believe it is a crime to repost your own content. Sure, you’ll not be able to create permalink or pingbacks to your old posts, but then again, tell me this. If you create something, not writing but something else, do you only show it to everyone at the moment of its creation or do you try to bring it up in any new conversation that you are having, even if it’s months since that little creation?

I really hope you answered the latter part. At least I like to do that. Every sketch that I have ever created, I do not miss any chance to share them with new people.

So, you know what, let me know what you think about it. I’d really like that.


128 thoughts on “Writing A Perfect Blog

      1. I can’t help it. I’m always too critical of my works. A little secret, I have never liked any of my sketches fifteen minutes after I drew them. That’s the shelf life of my sketches for me, fifteen minutes of adoration. πŸ™‚

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      2. Arts are obsessional, you know. My sketching process, I generally doodle for five ten minutes everyday, but the day I sketch, I end up sketching for eight-ten hours in one stretch or until my back gives out. πŸ™‚

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      3. Well, that’s one reason. Let me tell you one funny incident which happened five minutes ago, I was in bus and listening to Metallica’s Disposable Heroes. And the person standing next to me can actually hear through my headphones (a common problem with heavy metal, considering they are bass rich) and the look that dude gave me was so comical, you won’t believe it. πŸ™‚

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      4. I wouldn’t recommend it. I was too young. But now I am grateful that I’m not an ancient grandparent, old but not ancient, yetπŸ˜‚ now I’ve said that Murphy’s law is going to come calling

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  1. I hope my mean side is to your liking cause, grrr, it’s in there. For now I my sweet self which is 73% of my personality, roughly. The thing is, that teensy tiny teenie weenie mean side of me is a real badass. And she’s judging someone right now. Actually, she’s barely awake and will judge someone later.


    1. Ha, who cares if it’s to my liking or not. It’s yours and only yours, so the point is whether you can be satisfied or proud of your meanness.
      Mean or not, there is no way I won’t appreciate a Metallica fan. I’m pretty sure you have headbanged to master of puppets as much as I have. πŸ™‚


  2. Well, I’m not sure about ugly but recently, I have decided to write whatever is the first thing that comes to my mind, you know, and post it without any further editing, without giving much thought to my thoughts.

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  3. Very well said. certain poetry is off putting to me because it can seem to be disingenuous. itcan seem to be more about the craft than the actual sentiment. I respect the craft alot but i just cant buy that people genuinely feel that way.

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    1. Sorry mate. I don’t know how I missed this comment. Poetry isn’t off-putting, it’s the ostentatious nature of the words that makes it difficult. For example, I wrote poems with rather simple vocabulary.


  4. I bought a cable to connect the iPad to the miniUSB on my Sony a65. The software β€˜seemed’ to find the camera (no fiat lure messages) but no display on either device. What am I doing wrong? And what are the limitations with the a65 and similar bodies?Is thee a manual for wired connections?


  5. I so appreciate your obedience and words of wisdom. Regardless of who sits in that office, we know that through God’s plan there is a reason for that purpose. My hope and prayer are that people understand the difference between someone who follows Jesus (showing their fruit) and someone who uses the Christian name (although may believe they are a Christian) to get what they want. People can disagree all day long about policies and government, but when we claim to be Christian, we must live out the teachings of Jesus no matter what position we hold or are running for.


    1. Yes, it is. The biggest downfall is just that you can’t create pingback to your old posts, but if you act judicious and practical, maybe that can be worked out too. You know, like continously updating the posts with new links, but then again, that can be a bit hectic. Let’s see, I’ve only started doing it today, let me figure out the details, I’ll definitely share that experience.

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      1. Your post has actually inspired me to do a repost of an old blog post I wrote that didn’t get seen by many people anyway so appreciate you sharing. I see what you mean with the links etc, with my post it had barely any views and zero links so it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for the inspiration though and look forward to following your blog to see how you get on!

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