Reference Images for Landscape Sketchbook #1

Well, since the time I started this blog, I’ve been focusing more on my writing, (Psst, 102 posts and only 9 sketches) than sketching. So, I’ve planned that tonight I’m going to do some quick thumbnail sketches using few reference photos that I had taken yesterday and maybe, then we’ll see which one would be appropriate for a finished ink sketch.

As, I work primarily with black ink, all the images are converted into grayscale. If you would particularly like to see one of this get converted into a sketch. Let me know. So far, I’m planning on the first one.

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Landscape Sketchbook #6

Well, it’s not actually a quick sketch or even a study. This one was my first attempt with acrylics on canvas. A finished painting by Nitesh Mishra.


Landscape Sketchbook #3

I guess, this week’s photo challenge prompt satisfaction was specifically made keeping me in mind (Oh, my narcissistic tendencies). Anyway, as most of you know nothing gives me more satisfaction than sketching. So, here we go again.


This one is done as a quick study (15 minutes, I know, showoff) to see whether I can convert this one into a painting or not. And let me say this, so far, I like it.

Do take some time to see my other works.

Landscape Sketchbook #2

Lately, I’ve been focusing more on my writing than my sketching. You know, the whole #postaday, #dailyprompt and whatnot. In addition, writing a post takes maximum of an hour but sketching ends up requiring my undivided attention for a plethora of them. See, I can’t stop showing off even now.

Well, to mend the crime that I’ve committed against my sketchbook, here is my latest addition.

P_20170729_184428 (1)


Interestingly, this blog has ended up making the writer in me dominate all other creative parts of my life. I guess, I just might end up becoming a better writer.

Landscape Sketchbook (Sketch #1)

via Weekly Photo Challenge

One of my favourite sketch done in the style I generally feel comfortable with. It’s unique in the regard that it was done with permanent blue marker without any pencil sketch unlike my most pen and ink sketches in which I first draw with the pencil and then trace on that using archival inks.

To be honest, I’m quite impressed with this one.