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Inktober – Day 27-28

Commitments. Sounds simple, right? 

For example, when I thought of writing this post, I simply made a little mental note that I’m only going to upload the inktober image (Yeah! I’m sketching again). But you know, it’s me, the ostentatious narcissist. I simply can’t stop showing off. So instead of two sketches, you will end up getting another attempt at horrible writing.

The last inktober sketch that I did was the day seventeen of the challenge. Today is day twenty-eight. Looking one month back, I was so excited about inktober. I was like a little boy who got his first bike and then shit happened. As it always does.

Initally, two weeks were brilliant. I developed a rhythm, a style. In one post, I ended up writing a poem, a little prose, a sketch, all of them linked in a nice coherent way. And look at me now.

I’m trying to run away from so many things. My excuse? I can’t do so many things in one go. I need to slow down. Fuck.

Alright. I can feel it. This is going to become another rant of cynical cry baby who just can’t stay happy.

Alright, professionally I might not be happy and that’s a big might. I realised something today, with my personal life, I’m content. Isn’t that enough? I feel unbelievably happy when I don’t think of my ambitious professional commitments. When I focus on the personal aspect of my life, I only feel bliss. And I’m not exaggerating. I know the meaning of the word, “Bliss.”

Fuck, I digressed again. And I say I’m focused. Idiot.

Commitments. So, Inktober. One pen and ink sketch. The entire month of October. Thirty-one sketches seem quite simple. I’ve drawn more in one day for god sake.

What I forgot to keep in mind was one little fact. I’m an impulsive artist (Hello, more than thirty-one sketches in one day). All was going good. We passed the half way mark and I got the dreaded artist’s block. Yes, it is a thing. Not only writers get writer’s block. I can write thousand introspective words about that alone but let’s skip the shenanigans.

One of the well tested way to overcome your artist’s block is to try another medium. God, I don’t know why I waited almost two weeks to do that. So, I’ve worked a lot with archival ink but I always shyed away from the simplest tool. A ball pen. Yup.

The pen we all doddle with. I used artist quality pen but I have always ignored a ball pen. Can you fucking believe it?

So, ball pen. And let me tell you this, drawing portraits with a ball pen isn’t as simple as it sounds. I tried one and the end result was rather horrible. But that worked perfect to the theme of “Climb.” After all it was a little climb with the ball pen (I use prompts in rather peculiar way). One sketch in and we were off to the prompt “Fall.” 

OK, let me find a clever way to use it. Second sketch, a ball pen and finally we have a sketch that can be labelled as the one that saved me of my fall from grace.

Shit. I’m too pretentious. OK. Forget about my horrible attempt to be clever and just enjoy the sketch. I did.

** Via Daily Prompt: Prefer

Inktober – Day Three Entry – What’s your Poison?

Imagine this. A sixteen year old boy. An industrial area and the clock striking fifteen past midnight. No, I am not trying to make you imagine a bad horror movie or thriller movie. That scene was quite common in my teenage years.

There isn’t a point into going into details. At least this post isn’t dedicated to that. A sixteen year old unloading a truck filled to brim with twenty-five kilogram cartos is a quite common sight in India. There isn’t anything special or unique about it. And before you wonder, yes, those two words are different. Ahh, fuck. I just can’t stop showing off, can I? This idiotic rant, well not a rant today, is meant to be my respect for Metal. Yup, we are going there.

So, fifteen past midnight. Twenty-five kilogram cartons and, I’m having trouble remembering the number but I guess they used to be seventy in a fully loaded truck. Now, I am sixteen at that time and I am and I was a bright kid when it came to academics (I’m one of those who generally tops the class, but again that isn’t the point). I had my final exams next day. I was in tenth standard at that time and in India, 10th standard used to be a very big deal. Used to be. I can make it poetic, after all I do know how to write poetry, but that’d be just a pathetic excuse.

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Inktober 2017 – Day One Entry

The official Inktober prompt for today was “Swift,” and I had no intention of drawing a portrait of a stupid pop star by that name. So what else can swift imply, what about a quick sketch. So, here is a quick sketch done in twenty, maybe twenty-five minutes.

Inktober 2017 - Day One - Swift

Ahh, the eyes. The windows to the soul. And maybe the most popular inspiration for poets. Hey, don’t look at me like that (It wasn’t a pathetic attempt at adding all the prompts). I can tell you atleast one hundred poem about eyes from well known poets.

If you were expecting my daily post full of rants, you can find the latest one here, “Nerdvana Revisited.”

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Sketches Done On 10/09/2017

A photograph of a sketchbook and technical faber castell ink pen.

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Well, here I am, with six original sketches, drawing, art work or whatever blows your whistle. Well, five of them are done using pen and ink, my self-proclaimed specialty, and one using color pencils. I guess I still struggle a bit when it comes to working with colors. Hmm, maybe I’ should start working more with them. Oh, and one of these is a very quick sketch, you’ll know which one. I was really pressed for time.

As before, do checkout the gallery on the widget area, sidebar for desktop and footer for tablets and mobile.


Full resolution images can be found in gallery.

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Pen and Ink Drawing – Landscape Sketchbook #8

Hmm, so dear readers, somehow this last forty five days, I somehow ended up forgetting the fact that the blog is named, “Sketches By Nitesh.” I know, I’m an idiot. Don’t shout. Too much writing and too little sketching. Well, I enjoy both of them equally. Now considering the fact that I focused solely on one story (Which isn’t meant to be a love story), this particular week, I need to catch on my sketchbooks.

Well, to start off this week, here’s one sketch done with equal domination of ink and graphite. My favorite mediums.

Venice canals Sketch - Pen and Ink Drawing

Do let me know what you think of it.

Hmm, how about I tag this with this week’s photo prompt, after all, sketching is my little corner in this world.