The Worst Advice I Have Ever Heard About Writing

Ladies, and gentlemen. Members of the jury. Today, I will be writing about writing. Yup, guilty as charged.

I have a little dilemma. Actually, let’s call it, “Thinking out loud.”

Be honest if you ever tried this.

You have an interesting idea, and though it is about your life experience, somehow there is a universal theme. Something that can be googled. So, you type the keywords, and you try different variations. Before you know it, it has been an hour and your browser window is filled with dozens of open tabs.

All within your theme. And maybe some on the edge of it.

The point is you end up being overwhelmed with some ten, twelve thousand words and you shout, “Oh Shit! All of it is already written.”

You feel sad, even depressed (Though that’d be technically wrong, sad and depressed are on the entirely different spectrum). You pace in your room and after a while, you end up wandering through parks.

Suddenly you get an epiphany, “Hey! How about I modify what everyone has written, add my own experience, and voila, I’ll have the best blog post ever.”

What? It’s only me?

Hmm, Shit.

So, back to the matter at hand. You reread the twelve thousand or so words, and you start modifying it. You know, changing synonyms, shuffling, adding and whatnot.
Hours pass, and you end up being exhausted. You check the word count and shit. Only four hundred words.

Flashbacks anyone?


I have said it countless times (I am not joking), there isn’t a point to originality. There is nothing new under the sun. And yet when we write from memory, our words flow smoother. All right, maybe not smoother but better than the whole modified writing.

Isn’t it interesting?

When you write what has already been written, there are two ways to do it. One is by experiencing it. Some of us experience by reading too, so let’s keep it aside for this point. All right?

Right now, let’s talk only about real life experiences.

When we write what we know, we end up giving the words a personality. It is true. Swear to God.

Creative fiction is all well and good, but every piece of fiction has a shred of reality. There isn’t any other way.

Writing what we know. The only mantra I follow.

Shit. I am back on the same kind of post I have written dozens of times. Like I said, there isn’t anything new under the sun.

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Another Lazy Day or Maybe Not

All right, let me apologize in advance. After all, like most of my other posts, this post will be full random unnecessary jargon. I suck at giving life advice.

Today, I have an update too. Nothing else. Editing is hard work. It sucks the writer out of you. What would be the point of writing when you’ve drained your creative muscles? Oh wait, I’m doing it either way.

Update, hmm. A little idiotic novel. Thirty-four chapters. Fifty-two thousand five hundred and seventy-six words. And I committed to editing that in three to four days. Man, I am stupid.

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More Readership? A Little Snippet For You.

stat page with bars

Sometimes it happens, you know, you stare at a word which is apparently supposed to fuel your creativity. You stare, and then you stare some more. And then, Boom, still blank. Shit.

What do you do then? That’s how this post is starting. Let’s see where this little snippet ends. Ohh, a little update, I’ve been recently playing a lot with my blog. Shut up, you dirty fool. Yeah, you, the one laughing with a big-ass grin.

I’ve been doing some changes here and there, trying some new things, learning the pros and cons. And I’m going to share all of it once I’ve finished seven days of fiddling. After all, that’s how I came to know of it. Sharing. And so far it seems to be working, do not believe me? Want me to show the difference?

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How To Stay Motivated Enough To Write – Personal Blogging 102

There is a quote by Stephan Hawking that I love, it goes like this, “Every generation stands on the shoulder of those who have gone before them.”

If there is one thing I’m unbelievably passionate about, it’s writing, and maybe music. All right, there are two things I’m unbelievably passionate about.

Sure, every now and then, I end up writing about writing, but isn’t it fair? If something changed your life, or at least improved it significantly, you are bound to talk about it, over and over again.

Another little detail I’ve shared on many occasion is this, “I struggled with writing for 18 months before I started writing everyday. As much as I’ve written in last four months, I haven’t written that much in my life before that.”

Now you might ask what changed.

Sure, I committed, surely, I tried working with passion but those two qualities, I had worked with them before too. They didn’t seem to work then.

OK, enough suspense.

I started blogging, reading blogs and writing blog posts. The first part is relevant because the manner in which a blog is written is entirely different than the manner in which, say, an academic paper, or fiction is written. They are two different art forms, even though both of them share the common medium of written words.

If you ever get the displeasure of knowing me in person, you’ll realize I’m your stereotypical obnoxious idiots who is obsessed with perfection.

Writing is art, every one has different taste. There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to the art of written words. Something that is appreciated by one person might feel like total crap to someone else. It is to be expected.

Simplest advice, embrace imperfections, we are humans and we are full of our faults.

It’s all right. We all face those issues.

We tend to believe we are in control, but in reality, all we have is nothing but an illusion of control. There is no such thing as fiction, every dialogue, every scene, every plot, it’s inspired by something that actually happened to author or something that he or she witnessed.

The simplest and most basal motivator why we started blogging was rather cliched. We wanted our voice to be hard. If you believe otherwise, you’re just lying to yourself.

Almost everything that we write is written for ourselves, to process ideas, to brainstorm, to introspect or to capture a moment, all of that is done through words.

Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for public and have no sense of self – Cyril Connolly.

To summarise, I’m just rambling to clarify one simple thing. Write for yourself. I’ve said it hundred times. I’m not joking, I’ve literally written hundred posts saying the same things.

Do not worry about anything else. Write. The only way you find your writer’s voice is by writing, not by some computational analysis.

This article originally appeared on my little collaborative effort, The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch, a group of imperfect writers giving writing advice.

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