Here I Fall

Trapped in purgatory,

Barbed fences of lies.

Here I fall,

With only the whitered earth for company.

Here I shiver,

With only dry air to feel.

My love,

This is where I struggle with

Shock of reality.


The Dying Land

“And thousands had sunk on the ground overpowered; the weary to sleep, and the wounded to die.”

The Soldier’s Dream – Thomas Campbell (1909)

Civilizations have grown and so they have fallen. This is the bitter truth of our planet which has seen its fair share of civilization since the first settlers settled on its brazen land. The times couldn’t have been rougher. The world couldn’t have been destroyed more. For the basic instinct of mankind ultimately lead to its demise. But the will to survive in face of such adversity is what separates us from other living things.

The war was almost over by then. A finite struggle that dragged until infinity. Almost five months of agony, five months of struggle. The news couldn’t have come at better time for it sure seemed like a storm was coming. But on that night, the sky was beautiful, as beautiful as the night can be. Shimmering stars, floating clouds. The veil of night finally lowering on the harshness of the sun in that scorched land.

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