A brief moment of inspiration. A story you never see growing into a novel or even a short story. What do you do then? Don’t worry, there is something. Something perfect for those eclectic words, something to make sense of all the random chaos that cages your mind.

Let’s talk about Flash Fiction. One of the most famous flash fiction, one that you can find quoted in almost all the blogs about flash fiction was supposedly written by Ernest Hemingway. It goes something like this, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Now you might ask, what was so brilliant about that? Simply put, six words, six words that end up throwing your brain into hyper-drive. That was at least the point. Some have crafted the art so perfectly, some, like me, struggle to the point of complete agony.

In case of Mr. Hemingway, the history that predates this flash fiction is as troubling as the thoughts that generally cloud your mind after reading the aforementioned flash fiction.

Wikipedia states, “The May 16, 1910, edition of The Spokane Press had an article titled “Tragedy of Baby’s Death is Revealed in Sale of Clothes.” Those six words ended up defining a chilling story with minimum words. A story stripped of all unnecessary words, a story stripped and utterly simple, a story that ends up telling a tragedy and making you question the concept of god (At least in my case it does).

This little piece is my attempt at telling another horrible story, a story which is being repeated again, not for the same ethnicity but nonetheless.

Reinventing myself, by standards of society.

Now, as the point of this particular post is to say the most with absolute minimum of words, I believe I’ve overstayed my welcome. So, let me leave, hopefully, with your mind provoked.


Featured image is taken from Paul Downey.


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