Truth In Lies



Well, hello there. Again.

Hmm, so what do I want to say. Let me think.

How about the fact that I forgot about gratitude Saturday? This is going to take some time, you know, the whole gratitude business.

Either way, let’s do it today. What I am grateful for?

This week, it isn’t too complicated. I think I’m done with the novel. I’ve gone through four drafts. Rearranging, adding, deleting and all that crap.

A love story which isn’t a love story.

I’ve given it so many reads that I’m hating to even look at it right now. That’s surely a sign that you have given one novel enough time.

So, this is what I’m grateful for.

One novel, perfectly finished. Well, written part at least. Publishing, that’s another level of hell I’ve to go through.

Oh, and as always, I’m grateful for every single one of you. I’ve 699 followers, pretty sure, I’ll have 700 tomorrow. So, why wait? Hey dear wanderer, yeah you, the one who is thinking of following my little corner. Yeah, thank you in advance.

You all mean a lot to me. Shit, I wrote a novel with all of you. Didn’t I?

It Is All About Context

Today I had to reshare it, there isn’t any alternative today.

Another excerpt from, “A Love Story?”


It’s all about context. You couldn’t have the faintest idea what it is to be like me. That’s my frame of mind how are you going to impersonate that, you couldn’t. So it’s all in the context. You might believe it is the person’s fault, after all, you know the only way to HIV/AIDS is by being unfaithful, so maybe it is God’s way of punishing the unfaithful and dishonest people. You might not be wrong, I guess. But, um, uh I had something, I, uh, believe me, I had something to say about that. Seems like you will be right after all. It is the fault of the person who got HIV/AIDS.

But what about the wife of an infected husband or the husband of an infected wife or forget that. What about the children born to infected parents? Are they being punished by association? What kind of justice is that?

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