A Crisp Twilight

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I Am A Demon

Embracing the aberrant denial,

Let me create my own lies,

For I am a demon,

Deprived of your mercy.

Carry on, my dearest,

I’m just a passerby,

Who is listening to your tale of wonders,

To your tale of frantic desires.

And even though, there isn’t any voice,

In the world that resonates with me,

Carry on my dearest,

For I’m just a passerby.

Through the trees,

The southern winds will embrace me,

Through the faded red,

The rising sun will guide me home,

Carry on my dearest,

For I am just a passerby.

Carry on, for I’ll be at peace,

In the hues of setting gray,

Away from the light.

For I am a passing demon,

Staring at its frantic reflection,

In the crystalline coast of life.

Only Dark Eternal Rain Empowers Light

With all the madness in my soul,

And obsessed with selfless thoughts,

I awoke,

Rising from the ashes of the day of

Past glory.

Drifting like another faceless ghost,

I crawl,

Or maybe slice through,

The fog of the previous night.

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