A Tale Whispered Beneath Raggedy Breathes

There is a tale,

Of weaved words,

That died,

Before reaching my trembling lips.

A cold tale that creeps,

Through the faint open doors,

Of my eyes.

A tale, suppressed,

Begging me, sometimes you.

A tale, crippled,

In dire need for its voice.

A tale of dancing words,

Embracing each other,

In their open arms.

A tale,

Stripped of words,

Yet filled to brim,

With confused affection.

A tale,

Diffusing through the air,

Like a faint scent,

Of spring morning.

The scent,

Without words,

But with pleasure,

That creeps through the pores,

Of our open skin.

A tale of wonders,

Of secrets that can’t be hid,

Despite persistent cloaking.

A tale of unyielding storm,

A tale,


Beneath raggedy breathes,

By you,


By me.


Via Daily Prompt: Explore

An Ephemeral Love

There you were,

Hidden behind

The veil of insecurity,

Beautiful in the eyes of a renegade,

Stripped of judgement,

From all the lies of appearances.

But, on the edge of acceptance,

On the verge of evolving into a recepient,

Of all evil that progress stands for,

You were hesitant.

And in that brief moment of question,

You did become mine,

If only for an ephemeral moment,

I did find you,

Even though

You were soon to be forgotten.


Via Daily Prompt: Toxic