I Once Attended A Perfect Funeral

I was too young,

To either remember,

Or fathom the repercussions,

Of mortality.

All I remember,

Was the crowd,

The weather,

And the cemetery.


once attended a perfect funeral.

Perfect in the sense that,

All we associate with death,

And gloom

Was present in plenty.

I’ve been to many funeral,

None before,

But many after that.

None came anywhere close to it.

Not even in the far vicinity.

I believe

The first experience of anything is unique.

Whether it be the first time we lusted,

Or First time we realised,

The concept of mortality

Our ephemeral existence.


Via Daily Prompt: Inchoate


Tell Me You Will Haunt Me

With those eyes of yours,
Shimmering with desires so foreign,
Tell me you will haunt me.

Breathe my name,
Under the faint murmur of ghostly winds,
And with those trembling lips of yours,
Tell me you will haunt me.

Tell me you will pass through me,
Every fiber of you colliding with my broken soul,
Tell me, even in death,
Just the way you did in living breathes,
Tell me you will haunt me.

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My Heavy Metal Playlist – Part One

There is a little part of me that has always been unsure of everything. My words, my commitments, my abilities. All of it is questioned by that part of me. A tiny reptile brain that always creeps on you when you least expect it to.

I’m a science student who equally enjoys literature and fine arts. Luckily I can perform comparatively well in academics while making random diatribes through words and pens. It became too complicated, didn’t it? The point is I do my studies, my writing and my sketching relatively well (There’s always room for improvement). But as of late I’ve been making too many entries into the diary of a madman. Now before it becomes the general consensus that I am just a mean boy who knows nothing but to nag, let’s digress for a while.

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