I Met The Devil

I once met a man,

In a field cursed,

For all I could see

Was decay,

Lifeless shrubs,

Trees withered, and in pain.

Sunken earth,

And ash cloaked charred sky.

I met him at the crossroad,

His limber body

Engulfed in a cloud of dirt,

For the wind began to stir

As we met.

We forgot,

Or maybe erased the bare necessities,

When two strangers meet.

There wasn’t any greeting,

No acknowledgement

For the presence of other,

We just stood.

Two withered man,

Unhuman, awestruck,

For each of us believed

We were the only one

With such an empty soul.

A vacant vessel.

That day, I befriended the devil,

And the devil befriended his match.


Via Daily Prompt: Frigid