Self Preservations, That’s All

It’s difficult to change routine.

I am not feeling the same thrill I used to a few months back.

It isn’t writer’s block. No, I won’t call it that. Writer’s block is when you can’t put your words on to paper. I do not struggle with that.

I struggle with the desire to do it. Before I even start, I end up imagining how the write-up will end up looking like. And I make myself believe I have written a hundred things like that.

There isn’t anything wrong with that. Not to my knowledge. The difficult part is making peace with the fact I put it on a blog.

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Let’s Talk About Spirituality

Lately, I’ve been fascinated with spirituality. Believe me, for an atheist, that’s quite a confession. Now the point is, I’m fascinated, and in no way, I am saying that I’m inclined towards religion. I abhor and despise it with all my might.

But spirituality, that’s something else. At least an idea where I can somehow compromise my strong belief system. The thought process on which my entire ego system is built.

quote about silence and confessions by sketches by nitesh

This posts, it’s a sum of at least ten little notes I wrote over a week or so, little ideas that I captured in brisk moments. But it’s a web of interconnected ideas, one idea is intertwined to another. It might get long, so before we begin, you’ve been warned.

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