I Helped A Blind Person And I’m Still Alive

Not everyone does it.

Well, before you read any further, statutory warning, here comes another horribly written post. A post from which you won’t gain anything.

OK. Maybe some common sense, but who needs that, right? Common sense is for idiots.

Not everyone does it. Four simple words.

He was standing there, asking for help. A man who would have roughly weighed 50 kg, a man with a height of, I guess, five feet. A man with a white stick in his left hand and thick black glasses on his eyes.

There were ten people around him and no one once asked where he wanted to go. If he needed any kind of help.

Details like stick to the left, there is a stair, we are going up the stairs, we are going down the stairs, they aren’t important. These are irrelevant details that I can write in any fictional story. But the point isn’t that.

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Can I Be of Help?

dog sitting in front of a computer/laptop - humour, funny

A slight update on my part. I don’t even know if I should call it an update. But here it goes.

I am not your stereotypical geek but I am good with technology, all right. Yeah, I know, I am a narcissist, shut up.

From time to time, I often help others with some feedback regarding the technical aspects of different software, web programs, and whatnot.

Is anyone in my little tribe needs some technical help?

It could be related to blogging, graphic designing, actually, almost anything blogging and writing related, except social media.

I am horrible at social media.

Civil War

Just to drift away and fade into an ever-sretching white light,

Away from doubts,

And into the bliss,

From the life I have started to despise.

There is a hidden strength among my shivering words,

Words that shy as they leave my stuttering lips.

A strength to wander and explore the unknown.

To drift into the ever-changing whiteness of the unknown,

That question,

The life altering confession,

Which I’m shying from making to my already aware heart,

Is a game of my pragmatic mind.

A mind, whose soul purpose is to guide me in this world of uncertainty.

Whom should I deny the benefit of doubt?

My mind,

My heart,

In a struggle for power,

They are in a continous tug of war.


This is my

Civil war.

It’s Going To Be Legen…Wait For It…Dary.

dog sitting in front of a computer/laptop - humour, funny

Well. Oh sorry, customary warning, this post contains too much profanity, if you consider the versatile f word to be profanity.

And by the way, a fuck must be earned, all right. I can’t just go wandering giving up fucks for free. That’d be so tiring.

And if you ask, why so much profanity, or as I call them, sentence enhancers? Because I’m happy. Go figure that shit out.

So, let me quote someone who is way too well known. It is going to be, legen…wait for it…dary. it’s going to be legendary.

Buckle your seatbelts if you enjoy the twisted kind of humour. Put away your coffee or tea, or water. By the way, why are you drinking water?

Don’t you know it’s winter? Drink coffee. Why? Because crack is bad for you.

Don’t believe me? Well, wait for two minutes.

Still not sure? 

That ascended pretty fast, right, huh, right?


Well, let me bring the big guns here.

This one is literally, figuratively, and some more stupid superlatives, kind of legen… Well, you guess the rest.

You think I’m not funny? Well, read the caption again. Psst, the one at the bottom of all the images.

Got it?

Oh, and don’t forget.


All images were created using Canva. Yup, still using it.


In Silence Do We Make Confessions That Chaos Creates

In silence do we make confessions that chaos creates. 

It is neither a random line, nor a pathetic attempt to fit the daily prompt into an unrelated post. It’s one of the lines I wrote which I still love.

It’s been a while. Since I’ve tried my hands at prompts. I could give many reasons, but let’s skip it.

Let’s decipher that line, shall we?

Pain is addictive. Does it seem random or would you say it’s a plausible extension to the first line?

Yeah, I’m asking you, my silent friend.

See, I’m one of those crazy soul who will always choose rain over sunlight. So, I’m always a bit biased.

The line we are talking about, it had a simple thought process behind it. When we introspect, we debate all our faults, within our head, and we do them in a moment of internal silence.

Chaos. The faults of our little life. The things that could have been. A forgotten kiss. A misplaced emotion. Or anything else that tickle your fantasies.

The point is, there are thousands little steps we avoid taking. Thousand little things we deny because we believe we are not good enough for them.

We associate the value of things with the amount of pain we had to suffer for them. If you had a good fight, you’re supposed to have a good scar, isn’t that the metaphor?

Isn’t that the hero’s quest?

In case my little attempt, or lack thereof, seems misguided, let me tell you this. It isn’t.

Sometimes, profound realizations occur in simple moments. Without any associated suffering.

Why do you have to experience distance from your family to realize their importance? Don’t you know, without any doubt, family is the one thing that always matters?

You do, right?

Profound realization without any associated pain.

Don’t be like me. Please. Do not make confessions in silence. Beauty lies within simplicity.

Layers, my dearest. Everything consists of layers.
Take that one step you’ve been avoiding. Shatter the confession you’ve been making in silence.

My wings of life were long forgotten,

Burned and smoked.

My thoughts, they are blanketed by bitter nights.

I muddy the wings of despair I never chose,

Yet I take a flight through the burning sky.

Don’t make me use my sentence enhancers, all right? Take that little step.