WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Rise/Set

Via WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


The Moist Dirt

The moist dirt imbibing its tale,

Through pores of tired skin,

The smoke of decay diluting the air,

Of red hours of morning sunrise.

In hours of confusion,

And inefficient light,

the April moon bids goodbye,

Only to be reborn again.

The whirling sounds of human greatness

Ripping apart the harmonious silence

Of lush green.

Here I sit,

Among the wrinkled earth,

In a patch of green

That’s almost obsolete

In this jungle of concrete.

Cliff Of Light

We weave the tales, and rationalize,

And all the evil,

We romanticize.

We all tread the hero’s path,

And yet we fall from the,

Cliff of light.

We sympathize, trotting through,

The overflowing river,

Holding a candle of ignorance.

None of us true to illumination,

We preach the lessons of light.

And then we rationalize,

And we weave the tales of divinity,

And by little pieces, we stitch,

The romantic river of heaven.

A river on the bedrock,

Of broken stones of humanity.


Via Daily Prompt: Swallow

Only Dark Eternal Rain Empowers Light

With all the madness in my soul,

And obsessed with selfless thoughts,

I awoke,

Rising from the ashes of the day of

Past glory.

Drifting like another faceless ghost,

I crawl,

Or maybe slice through,

The fog of the previous night.

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