Nerdvana Revisited

Trigger Warning: This post has a little section on suicide. If you are some self-proclaimed leader who thinks only idiots commit suicide, this post is perfect for you. If not, then skip, like right now.



That’s another topic on which I can bitch all day but I don’t want to. Atleast I use my smartphone for productive work. Fuck, aren’t I writing this little piece of shit right now?

I guess it would have been better if I checked my WhatsApp status or Facebook status. Sorry those two are the only popular ones I know of. I know, I know, modern kids, I’m an old relic. So sorry about that. It has become so normal to upload your selfies while you’re shitting, or while you are brushing your teeth. Even while you’re in bed. All this is so fucking normal, isn’t it?

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Inktober 2017 – Day One Entry

The official Inktober prompt for today was “Swift,” and I had no intention of drawing a portrait of a stupid pop star by that name. So what else can swift imply, what about a quick sketch. So, here is a quick sketch done in twenty, maybe twenty-five minutes.

Inktober 2017 - Day One - Swift

Ahh, the eyes. The windows to the soul. And maybe the most popular inspiration for poets. Hey, don’t look at me like that (It wasn’t a pathetic attempt at adding all the prompts). I can tell you atleast one hundred poem about eyes from well known poets.

If you were expecting my daily post full of rants, you can find the latest one here, “Nerdvana Revisited.”

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What Writing Did For me

This is a long post. I’ve this habit to make everything quite dramatic. So if reading some random thousand words isn’t your cup of tea, you can skip this post. And if you’re still here, step inside and see the devil in I.

Sometimes we do certain things for no apparent reason. And if you ponder the reasons for that, your mind only draws blank after blank. None of it will make any sense because it never makes sense. The first time I tried to rhyme words, I had no idea why I was doing it. It just made sense. That’s all. As if there was a place where I finally belonged.

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Inktober 2017

Check out the Inktober 2017 gallery here: Inktober 2017 Entries

Well, I have an update for you people. And no, do not worry, I am not going to talk about The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch, atleast not now. I am talking about Inktober.


What? You all don’t know what I am talking about. Well, it was the reason I started Sketches by Nitesh two months back. If you still do not believe me, check out the first two posts that I published, “Diary of a Madman” and “Excited about Inktober.”

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Unplugged From Life

“As withering blanket of comfort betrayed me,

A thick veil of agony shrouded me in its deep embrace,

Unplugged from life.”

Three lines. Three lines I wrote while I was walking towards metro (Don’t worry, I don’t type while walking. I pause, type, put my phone back and then walk again). No poem is ever finished. There isn’t an end to that emotion, it is just abandoned. That’s the beauty of poetry to me, an emotional turmoil. These three lines are utterly beautiful, unbelievably chaotic and I do not wish to extend this emotion anymore.

Keeping this particular point aside, let’s launch another rant of a pessimistic atheist. This Diary of a Madman is like a volcano, it absorbs and absorbs, and one day it spews everything out.

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Our perception is nothing but the sum of our circumstances.

Well here comes another rant. And beware, Death’s The Sound Of Perseverance is playing in the background so do expect certain death growls every now and then.

There are certain discussion I’ve been having recently, with my friends (yeah, I do have friends, I’m surprised too, more than you could possibly believe) and every now and then, the word judge gets thrown around a lot, maybe by me, maybe by others, but that is not the point of this rant. The point is, I’m at a stage where I’m most probably going to end up judging the word “Judge.” You know what, rather than saying judge, let’s say we all have this inherent likenesses and repulsiveness, it’ll still make equal sense.

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Unfocused Mind

Have you heard that particular saying, “History always repeats itself,” hmm, my silent friend? Few days back, that’s all I thought on my way to metro. Delhi Metro, an epitome of modernization filled with generic idiots. I mean, talk about irony. Do you remember I once told you I am a digital hoarder? Well, in my morning schedule of travelling to my lab, I simply hoard random thoughts, idiotic musings.

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Eternal Words

My amorphous one, 

My inhabited soul, 

The angel 

Covered with veil of my love, 

Let me etch my existence into your dreams, 

For I’m yours 

And you’re mine.

In every breath, 

I’m a man of words,

These words,

They do not fade, 

They are eternal, 

As eternal as our love. 

They aren’t far from reality, 

They are the beautiful reality, 

The unbelievable reality 

That you ignite in me.

Our love 

Is worthy 

Of these eternal words.

In stones of melting reality,

These words 

Lay the foundation 

Of our 

Eternal planet.

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Well, I had been talking about it for a while. My dear readers, here it is for you, “The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch.” A collaboration between the people I really look up to. Ten bloggers in one place. As if it is the first post on The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch, I guess I have to do some shameless self-promotion so please check out the original article, reblog, share, follow and tell your friends, We need all the pampering we can get. We have some really exciting articles for you. I am enjoying them quite a lot.

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Parenting 101

Abusive relationships. Definitely seems like a trendy topic to talk about, you know, the whole fifty shades craze. Everyone says that you should know when to walk away, when to know that whatever shit you’re a part of, it’s only going to tear you up in million pieces, tearing you from limb to limb.

Simply forget about muscles, the point is, strong people, men or women, know when to walk away rather than dignifying something that will never be significant. An irrelevant need. Walking with your honor defines you. But I have no intention of talking about abusive relationships of idiotic adults who do not have the courage to own their shit. Adults who do not know their idiocy.

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