Blogging as a Writer

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Writer's Block Party

I’m going to use a blog about writing to talk about blogging about writing (so meta!). So, since we talk a lot about writing and publishing, I figure it fits to talk about some ways we create our author platforms. One of the biggest social media platforms for writers is blogging.

patrick-harris-this-is-so-going-into-my-blog-gif-funny-humor1.gifSo, when you decide to make a blog, the first thing you do is decide what the theme is. If you’re creating a blog as a writer, then there are some tried and true concepts:

  • reading/reviewing
  • Author blog
  • Writing tips/Publishing journey

I’ve actually done all of them in my time. Before I got deep into the writing world I reviewed books as Readiculous Girl (Yes, I love puns). I gave up reviewing books once writing started taking up more of my time. But I missed the sense of community that comes with blogging. So, after I got my agent…

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Update about the third draft

via Diary Of A Madman – Entry 25th October 2017 (Because I’m Running Out of Original Titles)

Well, hello their. Sorry again. Today was the second day of a continuous editing session and I don’t have the strength to write anything new.

Would you mind giving the link a read? I know it’s old but it’s still good stuff.

Oh, and the update. Completely edited the manuscript and I am done with the third draft. One final read and I’ll start making the cover letter. Or whatever it’s called, you know, the one we give to publishers alongside the manuscript. Well. Bye now.

I’m really tired.

Another Lazy Day or Maybe Not

All right, let me apologize in advance. After all, like most of my other posts, this post will be full random unnecessary jargon. I suck at giving life advice.

Today, I have an update too. Nothing else. Editing is hard work. It sucks the writer out of you. What would be the point of writing when you’ve drained your creative muscles? Oh wait, I’m doing it either way.

Update, hmm. A little idiotic novel. Thirty-four chapters. Fifty-two thousand five hundred and seventy-six words. And I committed to editing that in three to four days. Man, I am stupid.

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Another Lazy Phase, I guess

via How To Increase Your Followers – Another Clickbait Title To Make You Read My Post.

Not necessarily though, let me first explain the point of the link that you’re seeing on top. This is another way of reblogging your own posts. WordPress Press This call button.

Today, I have a little update. That’s all. I have finally started working on the final draft of my so-called love story. Hopefully, you remember and if you don’t, well, that’s all right too.

I know I’ve said it before too, one or two times, I guess. But this time, I’m really done. It is holding me back now. And I need to move on. Two or three days and I’ll start looking for publishers.

Well, Publishers, here I come.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the link, if you haven’t read that post before, all right?

Do Not Read This One.

I’m writing this one straight into the WordPress editor. I’m practicing a little advice that I preached in one of my comments today. So, here goes, twenty minutes, straight into the WordPress editor. No way to make it pretty then, huh?

Oh, it’s going to be tough. I can feel that. Well, here comes a horrible post.

“We’ll dance together till the end of time,

And the world will fall, submitting its authority.

Oh, the things we do to fit in.”

There are three updates, or points, which I’d like to make you aware of.

First, from now onwards, Saturdays will be Gratitude Saturday. I whine a lot, it’s only fair I give gratitude to all that I have. Maybe I’ll end up less pessimistic that way. Who knows?

Why Saturday?

If you force my hand, and I’d have to choose a favourite day, it’d have to be Saturday. No competition there. If I look for reason why that is so, I don’t know, maybe I can come up with few. The fact that it’ll be Sunday next day would be the first. Sunday’s are good but they are masked by the horror of upcoming Monday. On that note, I hate Mondays, by the way.

Second would be the fact that, on Saturdays, I end up having going on a binge Heavy Metal album listening. I listened to Metallica’s first three albums in one go today. Kill ‘em All, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets. I’m on my seventh album, right now, as I am writing this.

In addition to the aforementioned, the list goes like this, Goatwhore’s Carving Out The Eyes of God, Amon Amarth’s Twilight of The Thunder God, Slayer’s Season in Abyss and well, as always, Slipknot’s Iowa. Megadeth’s Rust in Peace is next, in case that information is relevant.

Second, in this week’s Sometimes Stellar Six Word Story Challenge, I finished second for my entry, “On tiny graves, gravedigger often cried.

Third, I recently became the Top Writer in Art category on Medium and I’ve been selected as a writer for five publications there.

For the unknowing, it’s a community of writers and readers just like WordPress. And unlike WordPress, it’s a community dominated by readers rather than writers. If you ask me, I’ll say that is its biggest advantage. If it was upto me, I’d Frankenstein something between WordPressMedium and Path. Oh, and maybe Instagram.

Lately, I’ve been active on Medium a lot. And maybe, I’d like to finish this post on that note. Give Medium a go, believe me, it has a beautiful interface and if you love reading, you cannot go wrong there. If you do decide to join Medium, give my profile a read. It’s @nitesh.mishra3.

That’s all. Nice. It didn’t come out half bad, huh?


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