In late wee hours of the night,

Or maybe

The wee early hours of the morning,

I couldn’t be sure, for

It doesn’t hold significance,

I was wondering how it came to be.

There you were,

Next to me,

The radiant heat of your breath

Sending jolts of euphoria,

Sparkling thoughtless,

Yet profound imagery

In my subconscious reality.

Into an ever unending loop I could have gone,

Pondering the beauty of the moment,

You next to me,

But then I realized,

Wondering in my lone castle

Would strip me of priceless moments

With you,

So with a confusing, yet clear mind,

I abandon the thought,

And feel you breathe,

Oblivious to the wee hours

Of late night,

Or maybe early morning hours.


Via Daily Prompt: Invisible


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