All right, let me apologize in advance. After all, like most of my other posts, this post will be full random unnecessary jargon. I suck at giving life advice.

Today, I have an update too. Nothing else. Editing is hard work. It sucks the writer out of you. What would be the point of writing when you’ve drained your creative muscles? Oh wait, I’m doing it either way.

Update, hmm. A little idiotic novel. Thirty-four chapters. Fifty-two thousand five hundred and seventy-six words. And I committed to editing that in three to four days. Man, I am stupid.

All right. My eyes are paining so I’m squinting as I am typing this and therefore, let’s forget about sarcasm. Sarcasm requires strenuous mental activity, you know.

Today’s progress?

So far, twelve chapters. Eighteen thousand two hundred and thirteen words. Shit. I am a sucker for stats.

That much has been devoided of stupid grammar mistakes and awkward sentence structures.

Now, I really need to shut up.

Sorry, if there wasn’t any snark here. I am not a joker, you know. Or a comedian. Pretty sure, I’ll be a horrible one.

Right, Alyana?


18 thoughts on “Another Lazy Day or Maybe Not

  1. It all sounds so great to me.
    I still keep stairing at the blank page of my yet to start manuscrip, but I did manage to write a post today so yey!

    All the best for your novel. πŸ™‚

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      1. I have taken years too. Before starting this story, I was struggling with all that I wrote for two years. Those two years, they were the warm-up period for this one. So, theoretically, even I’m taking years. πŸ™‚

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