Three Great Ways to Stay Motivated Enough to Blog

As someone who has experienced that feeling twice, I can say without any doubt, these are some simple and yet great motivational tips. And indeed, the only thing that kept me blogging through all of that was my passion for writing, writing about the things I wanted to write. I wrote for my sake, not for the views. Lucky for me, I did get the views nonetheless, but the passion for writing is the only necessity to continue blogging.

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Liam J Cross

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So you started your blog and you were ridiculously excited to get to work on it. You were looking forward to posting fresh new content every couple of days and had hundreds of ideas for possible posts and collaborations. You felt as though this was it, this was your big breakthrough; the final step on your journey towards success. Blogs are always successful, they lead to sales and leads and money and fame. This was your time to shine.

Only now it’s been a few months, you’ve ran out of ideas, your fingers hurt from typing and if you have to copy and paste one more stupid damn link for photo credit you might just go up in flames. And to top it all off, you’ve realised that no one really cares what your’re talking about or what you have to say – after a grand total of…

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5 thoughts on “Three Great Ways to Stay Motivated Enough to Blog

  1. Fantastic & positive post!!!!
    I know there were many times I felt so unsure of myself and had absolutely no clue as to how to approach writing about my subject matter, but a constant routine and never giving up has made me feel more comfortable and free flow now.
    All the writing tools and advice helps a great deal.
    🙂 Thank you!

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