More Readership? A Little Snippet For You.

Sometimes it happens, you know, you stare at a word which is apparently supposed to fuel your creativity. You stare, and then you stare some more. And then, Boom, still blank. Shit.

What do you do then? That’s how this post is starting. Let’s see where this little snippet ends. Ohh, a little update, I’ve been recently playing a lot with my blog. Shut up, you dirty fool. Yeah, you, the one laughing with a big-ass grin.

I’ve been doing some changes here and there, trying some new things, learning the pros and cons. And I’m going to share all of it once I’ve finished seven days of fiddling. After all, that’s how I came to know of it. Sharing. And so far it seems to be working, do not believe me? Want me to show the difference?

stat page with bars

The orange bar, that’s the day I started experimenting. The next one, I slowed down a little. Now, before it becomes a debate of increasing your web traffic and forgetting why you started blogging, and blah, blah, blah, let me clarify one thing.

If I write something, and if I believe it can make a difference to someone, it is my duty to make sure it reaches the maximum number of people.

Don’t worry, good or bad, whatever the case, I’ll talk in detail after four more days.

Just imagine, if all that we discover we end up hiding from others. Scary or motivating?

via Daily Prompt: Snippet

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