Alternative Careers?

There is one joke I’ve often been a part of. Nitesh, you should have chosen a different profession. I’ll count the examples I can remember. Guidance counselor. Spiritual advisor (Surprises the shit out of me). Architect. Artist. Writer. Lawyer. Drummer (That still cracks me up). But no one says I should be a scientist.

Now I have always done good in school. I’m not bad when it comes to applying the concepts we learn in books to real life. I’m a rather practical person. But shit, no one believes that I should be a scientist. It does make you wonder.

This feeling, that I’ve chosen a wrong profession, is rather dominant in last few weeks. You know, since I started blogging. There isn’t a point in lying. I had this wrong career choice discussion few days back too (Seems like I’ve been having it too many times lately). Just one simple line that had the most impact was this, “If I’ve given something a decade out of my life, walking away from it would be ridiculous.” But then I realised something today, would it really be that ridiculous? Now in no way I am saying that I’m quitting my PhD but let’s be impartial for few moments. The words for this post aren’t flowing as smoothly as I thought that they will. Maybe that is telling me something too.

We learn from our mistakes. We learn from our experiences. I’m a rather slow learner (I listen too much heavy metal, only dumb people do that). But what if it took me this much time to realise that I’m supposed to be someone, sorry, something else. This doubts are fair, considering the time we live in. 

If we got this far, let’s discuss another part. Why we give up on things that come easy to us (I mean dreams, I went a bit overboard with creativity, I guess). Financial security. That’s it. Science would be a better option if I want to feed the people I care for. My creative abilities might not. After all, how many actually make it, right? Again, the time we live in.

I’ve too much pride to ask for help, so I am going to suffer. Like I always do and learn from my mistakes. I believe those lessons stay with us in long run.

I guess I typed the last few lines in a moment of vulnerability. Well, I’ll let them stay there.

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13 thoughts on “Alternative Careers?

  1. I think a lot about getting a job that leverages writing. But I’m also concerned that if I get a job that heavily includes business writing, will I still want to write creatively in my own time. So many scientists knock out interesting fiction and non-fiction. I think they can go hand in hand.

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      1. Nothing wrong with ambition and too much at one time might not be a blessing, but take it easy…you are very young, there is time. Ever hear that quote, “to everything there is a season” or something like that?

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  2. I started with science in school, economics in college and ended with a masters in communication. Loved my job as a mid-management banker and a top logistics company. Financially not bad as I still get some happy times to play with words by weaving poetry! It’s all in the way you do best with what your heart says! Word of caution, keep your earphones oiled just in case you want to filter the free (in)valuable advices people distribute!! 😊

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