Inktober 2017 – Day Thirteen to Fifteen Entry – Gratitude

After three days of gloom, here we are. Three days of too much introspection, three agonizing day of suffering in misery of my own making. I could write about it again but I’ve been doing that for three days.

Eternal Sadness Cloaked with Brief Smiles

My Words Betrayed Me Today

A Man’s Journey Through His Own Hell

Today once again I’m going to something unexpected. This pessimist is going to show his gratitude to all the optimists that he knows. My dearest friends, you all know who you are. I always go out of my ways to be there for you because you do that for me. All of you stayed with me in a period which only lasted for three days. But these three days have taught me a lot.

I’ve avoided speaking these last few days, be it on the blog or with my friends of daily life (I’ll get back to answering all the comments as soon as I can). I avoided talking because I still believe that my burden is only for me to bear. But I do understand that discussing that burden somehow eases our perception of it. Simply talking about pain somehow soothes the ache. I’ve known that little statement my entire life. I’ve been a great listener simply because of that. But after a long time, I’ve shared, or discussed, my agony and I feel good. Once again, writing down everything helped me sort out my issues.

A simple thank you to all of you. Thank you for caring. Once again, you all know who you are.

And voila, a sketch after three days. Shit, it feels good to draw again. So, three days, three prompts, one little pile of everything in one page. There we have, folks. A poster.

Inktober 2017 - Day 13-15

via Daily Prompt: Loyal

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