Trigger Warning: This post has a little section on suicide. If you are some self-proclaimed leader who thinks only idiots commit suicide, this post is perfect for you. If not, then skip, like right now.



That’s another topic on which I can bitch all day but I don’t want to. Atleast I use my smartphone for productive work. Fuck, aren’t I writing this little piece of shit right now?

I guess it would have been better if I checked my WhatsApp status or Facebook status. Sorry those two are the only popular ones I know of. I know, I know, modern kids, I’m an old relic. So sorry about that. It has become so normal to upload your selfies while you’re shitting, or while you are brushing your teeth. Even while you’re in bed. All this is so fucking normal, isn’t it?

These reminds me of another thing. It went something like this. We are so happy to share our shittiest moment, our most basal personal information, our likes and our dislikes on something as open and malleable as internet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate of net neutrality. Who am I joking? Most of the internet users don’t even know what net neutrality is. Where was I? Social media, ah, the saviour of 21st century. If it wouldn’t have been for this, we would all have been in dark ages by now, you know.

Sharing our identity to complete stranger has become the status symbol these days. Once upon a time, it used to be ostentatious houses, sports cars, a good book, who am I kidding, who reads book. Only nerds, right? So houses, cars, um, clothes, salary, what else? Anyway, you get my point, I hope you did.

So in name of staying updated and modern, we are willing to share our self with complete strangers online. But if someone asks you on the road, hey what’s your name? The first thought in your mind ends up being he or she is a perv, fucking psycho. Fuck sake, you do know almost anyone can see your pictures and read your name on internet, don’t you?

These lines aren’t particularly aimed at anyone, mind you that. It’s true for everyone. I can actually track your movements if I want to. For god sake, stay updated on that point, the boring nerdy topic of cyber security. Don’t blame internet for that. Idiots make it easier for psychos to do whatever they want to do and in turn, blame the internet.

You see, huge advocate of internet and net neutrality.

Talking of nerds, weren’t those good days? Shoving them around? Throwing them in the streets? Playing a game of catch with their items, making fun of them for their comic books? Uh, good days, good memories. I hope you get sarcasm, I really do because nerds do. That’s the one thing we are apparently good at. Sarcasm. Well the only thing for which you can call us mean.

We are good at lot of other things too, you know. The electricity that you use. The smartphone you so proudly enjoy. The camera with which you stay updated on the new selfie trend. The servers by which your Facebook runs smoothly. Well pretty much everything that has made your life a bit easier.

We nerds are so stupid when it comes to doing things for greater good,. Who the fuck cares for greater good, we are all about money? How much we can actually make if we commercialize a particular product? After all we have to whore ourselves to lovable rich idiots if we want for our inventions to help common people. That’s proper justice. See, I told you we nerds are stupid.

If you have to ask for my respect you have already lost it. Being old doesn’t means shit to me.

Well I have bitched enough about unimportant things. Who cares if another nerd commits suicide? They do almost every day, it’s a very common thing. The beauty of civilization that we loved shaping so much, it’s only fair it ended up abusing us the way it did.


Fucking nerds, see even my text editor is continuously auto-correcting nerds to needs. Another finger to us, perfect, even the code we wrote is telling us to screw ourselves. Wait. That’s the only kind of screwing we are going to get, so we better enjoy it. Don’t you think so?

Why the fuck am I stopping? I guess that’s all the thanks I want to give to the society which accommodated a nerd like me. Oh wait, it didn’t, my parent’s genes did. There was a very interesting lines in an AIB video. Don’t check out their works, they are also bunch of whining engineers. Little bitches.

Engineering wasn’t what I chose, it was shoved down my throat while my hands were tied behind my back by my friends and my parents simply watched.

Anyways, that line isn’t true for only engineering, it’s true for every single branch of science. Do you really think medical practitioners like getting beaten up by bunch of angry family members if their relative died? Even if they smoked, fucked, always ate shit. After all it is the job of a doctor to ensure that all fucked up common people end up being perfectly healthy. Even if they won’t follow any of the advice given by their doctors. After all, isn’t it a doctor’s responsibility to ensure the well-being of fuckers like that? To maintain their perfect circle of life?

Do I need more? Hmm, let me think about it. Zoologist, biologist, pharmacist, anthropologist. Pretty sure I’m going to name few words you wouldn’t even have heard of. Paleontologist, microbiologist, aeronautical engineers, guess that’s all I also know. I’m kidding I know a lot more but what’s the fucking point of that.

Nigga is racist, nerd isn’t.


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Also, there is a revision to my gallery also. It is no longer available in the sidebars. I recently noticed my main page was loading very slowly and the most probable cause for that was the gallery. Since I have shifted it, the main page seems to load faster. The gallery is available in the main menu now.


18 thoughts on “Nerdvana Revisited

  1. Yeah! Though your language is repulsive to me for my own reasons? I still sense the naked truth that you are exposing! I get your point. Not that you need any props, but! Keep it up! Had enough lullabies to last me to the end of the century! 🙂


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