Unplugged From Life

“As withering blanket of comfort betrayed me,

A thick veil of agony shrouded me in its deep embrace,

Unplugged from life.”

Three lines. Three lines I wrote while I was walking towards metro (Don’t worry, I don’t type while walking. I pause, type, put my phone back and then walk again). No poem is ever finished. There isn’t an end to that emotion, it is just abandoned. That’s the beauty of poetry to me, an emotional turmoil. These three lines are utterly beautiful, unbelievably chaotic and I do not wish to extend this emotion anymore.

Keeping this particular point aside, let’s launch another rant of a pessimistic atheist. This Diary of a Madman is like a volcano, it absorbs and absorbs, and one day it spews everything out.

Every day I erase and redraw the lines of acceptance. Every day I try to adapt. But I am just tired now, I’m tired of all the facades we do in name of society. There is so much anger pent up inside me that sometimes I just feel like throwing my hands, feet, whatever but just hurting someone. Why the hell is it that I have to act as if there standards of living are appropriate than mine?

Why the fuck should we applaud you for picking up the trash or respecting a woman or your fellow man, walking on right side of the road. Well, while we are at it, why don’t we fucking applaud for breathing, ask any individual suffering from respiratory disorders, how difficult it is to breathe, so let me take a second and bow down to you, my great human being. We all boast about common sense so much and yet most people are idiot enough to not show the common courtesy to care for their fellow. And if common sense isn’t so common, then stop calling it common sense and if it is common then my point is right, humanity is filled with idiot. Or maybe all of this is just in my head and everything is just fine. Maybe.

These days any idiot with few thousand bucks in their pocket thinks they can own the world, you know, buy a smartphone, unlock the power of social networking and whatnot. I mean it gets numbing to a point that idiots like them end up being the leader of masses, masses of fucking ignorant pieces of shit that believe their mediocracy is the way of life, that being dumb and below average somehow can be compensated if you can make some sassy comments about what’s going on in your locality. I know it sounds messed up.

No honestly, sometimes I just wish i, uh, it just…it becomes so frustrating that these are the level of artistic genius we have sunk to, profanity to the masters and craftsman who could ignite another world with their hands, true masterpieces and now what do we have these days, memes, vines, pranks, I mean fuck, just fucking die off or better yet, kill idiots like me, damn, I know it sounds extreme but shits like these sometimes makes me suicidal, you know.

History is always rewritten by winners. War doesn’t tell who was right but who survived. Sadly, I am not going to survive. I am a relic in the world of social media celebrities.

In the kind of locality where I live, playing cheesy Bollywood songs unbelievably loud on loudspeakers is never frowned upon. And if they are God prayers, playing them on full volume at two in the night is also acceptable. Now when I listen to metal on my headphones and the idiot standing next to me can listen to the thumping bass, why the hell do I get such a judgmental look? Why, because I sin different than you?

You religious fanatics, go breed a riot.


As always, my hypocritic self is going to ask you to visit The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch, you know. After all, even I need some shameless self-promotion

24 thoughts on “Unplugged From Life

  1. I have the same frustrations you do in a lot of ways, the dumbing down of society (especially in the western world) doesn’t seem to garner enough attention, there’s nothing wrong with being efficient but by simplifying the world you start to simplify the masses and the people that follow blindly and allow themselves to be coerced into choices that are thought to be inconsequential but in fact dictate society is baffling, I don’t know enough to pass comment on anything other then western society which is why I singled it out.


  2. A big, fuck you, to them… A friend of mine once told me, as he was drawing a circle on a scrap of paper…he said, “There’s us,” he said pointing to he and I, as he wrote us in the small circle. “And then, there’s them,” he said, pointing to everyone else in the world, as he wrote them outside the circle. “Fuck them!” He concluded his lesson, and I walked away a master…

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    1. Hey Grabbety, sorry for missing out this comment man. Now as you might have seen from few of my last posts, I do not care for trends. The day we try to imitate others is the day we lose our own identity. So, I wrote it in a little poem, “indeed the most selfish thought, a sense of self.” You get my point.

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  3. “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.”
    – George Bernard Shaw.

    Nitesh, they say be formless like water, fill in the cracks, adapting to whatever circumstances you are plunged into but, you see in trying to adapt, in being like water we might put down these passionate flames blazing inside us, we might side with reasons that the masses present.
    But where is the fun in that, so be unreasonable my find, be fearless like fire, not formless like water.

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