Have you heard that particular saying, “History always repeats itself,” hmm, my silent friend? Few days back, that’s all I thought on my way to metro. Delhi Metro, an epitome of modernization filled with generic idiots. I mean, talk about irony. Do you remember I once told you I am a digital hoarder? Well, in my morning schedule of travelling to my lab, I simply hoard random thoughts, idiotic musings.

Two days back, I relocated to the hostel that was allotted to me. Even an institute as big (I was thinking of saying grand, but that’d be stupid, considering the rant I’m about to spew) as the one where I study, I had to wait for thirteen months to get accommodation in hostel. Our institute doesn’t think that basic science is important for the development of this country. According to them, spending 80 crore rupees (That’s 11.5 million dollars for my dollar loving friends) for renovating an already newly built building is a justifiable excuse but paying 25,000 rupees per month (357 dollars, yep, just 357 dollars) to their researchers (Well, PhD slaves) is an unjustifiable expenditure of money.

Spending 2 crore rupees (285,714 dollars) for renovating a garden is justifiable but sponsoring a scholar with 1,00,000 rupees (1,428 dollars) for a travel grant to attend a conference is unnecessary expenditure.

That is the grand institute where I do my PhD. The institute which is considered as the best medical college in India, an autonomous institute under Indian health ministry with all the latest infrastructure that a self-proclaimed leader (Hello, all you saffron color lovers) would like to see in his best institute.

If I carry on, it will end up becoming a series of rants. And we do not want that, who cares if the best students of a country starve and commit suicide? Who needs another pathetic researcher when we can have ten clerks with a salary of 80,000 rupees (Yep, more than three times than that of a PhD) with a net worth of millions (#Letsendcorruption, another trend for idiots)? I guess, if you want respect, prosperity and credibility, don’t be a genius, be a dumb idiot.

It is always better if our leaders have a criminal background rather than a masters in science. Let’s vote for another rapist. That always works well for the GDP. And FYI, I didn’t use the dreaded F word once in the post. That was rather difficult for me. I guess I have to stop on that note. Just another thought I can’t control.

These aren’t the illusions of a schizophrenic unfocused mind, these are the rants of a madman. Rants that are written in the “Diary of A Madman.”


via Daily Prompt: Focused

Do not forget to check out my collaborative blog, “The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch.” I promise there aren’t any rants there, just some good old fashioned writing advice.


44 thoughts on “Unfocused Mind

  1. Now this isn’t a rant…. Alright it’s a rant but it’s based on a genuine problem in our country. As PhD. scholars you guys are ‘the brains’ of this country. But I’ve yet to see people appreciate brains over money or power in this country. We are a nation that prides itself on making idols of our leaders in public parks (for shame, Ms. Mayawati) rather than making public parks for public use. Mera bharat Mahan 😕

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      1. Oh, that’d be difficult. My childhood was rather dark. And I cannot reminisce any of that without adding the necessary darkness. If that’d be OK, I’m more than happy. But a fair warning, it won’t be a love poem this time. 😁🙂


  2. Nice post, and I consider a plug from your own post to another of your projects or posts as fair game, now if I were to say… plug my post at baddadcartoons101 on your comment line, then that would be totally inappropriate… so I would never do that!

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      1. I do. But when I take notes, while I’m travelling, I write hundred things with hundred different themes and I think way too fast, so I have to put it all down otherwise I miss it. So tags are the only thing, heading, sub headings won’t be possible. Atleast not until now. Maybe I’ll start working towards it.

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