Request for Collaboration

I can make this particular request as formal as you can possibly imagine. But then I’ll be losing on the particular point which I am exactly trying to make. This is something I have been planning for a while now. I want to create a collaborative blog. Now I’ve already discussed that particular idea with two of my good friends (Bisma Naveed of A Thought Process and Brett Little of Individual expression of a naive mind). But so far, we haven’t taken any step in that particular direction. So far, the collaborative blogs that I have seen on WordPress are generally a sum of two bloggers or a forum of hundreds.

What I want is to have some sort of unique blog, like a journal which is written by a family. A family of disparate individuals, each with their own unique views on the same topic, all with different faith. I want to create a blog full of conflicting stereotypes (Not entirely, sometimes generic knowledge is also important). I want to be a part of a blog which would leave the reader confused as to what he or she just got into. After all, families generally tend to be psychotics (And this particular line is meant as a dark joke, I make a lot of them).

Life is not a solo act. It’s a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in time of strife – Tim Gunn

What I am asking from interested individuals is that they dedicate one piece per week to the particular blog I have in mind and do not worry, you do not need to think that I’m a rude and mean person who’ll simply end up having his way. I’ll even let someone else be the administrator if the need arises. Or maybe we all can be administrators. As of now, this is just a random diatribe of a wish that I‘d like to be fulfilled. A tentative proposal, if you must label it.


If it’s not too much to ask, do give your thoughts, suggestions, whether you’d like to be a part of something like that, whether you’d like to see something like that. Do not forget, it’s just a tentative proposal which is open for discussion. If you’d like, you can also drop a direct email to me through the contact form.


91 thoughts on “Request for Collaboration

  1. That’s a great idea! I would love to be part of it. I am a bad blogger, so, here, you already have a contradiction. However, I specially like this part “I want to be a part of a blog which would leave the reader confused.” Maybe, one day I’ll get a chance to explain why I like that so much. Again, great idea!

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    1. OK, now I understand. For a while there, it became a little confusing. Now about stalking, I can say a lot of things but then they’ll lose their grasp. I do not want to badmouth anyone, specially on a platform like this. Somehow words lose their meaning if you simply write them in comments.


  2. As people are defining themselves I can’t help but join in,
    I’m a romantic optimist forever in love with tragedy.
    Looking forward to this starting, will find the time to contribute as often as I can and if i find myself with more spare time help in other ways, and once it’s up and running I’ll share it across my Instagram/twitter/tumblr accounts.

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    1. Well, I have gone through your blog and I’d be more than happy if you decide to be part of the collaborative blog that I start. Though I’d recommend that you go through the blogs of the bloggers who have commented with an interest to join, so that you know whether you’ll enjoy it or not. We do not want you to get frustrated now, do we? 🙂


      1. Ahh, but I’d still suggest that you do that. 🙂
        For example, I’m an atheist, which means I never follow or interact with bloggers on the post about god’s grace. Now don’t take it in the way that I disrespect them, I simply don’t find that to be a topic I would like to have a conversation on.

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      2. Ok, I read through the other bloggers posts that are also interested. I think i didn’t find anything offensive. I would probably add a religious aspect from time to time to keep things interesting…. If that’s cool with you and the group.

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      3. Alright, so on top of the site, there would be a menu option with three parallel lines to its right. When you’ll click it, there will be seven subsection, the second last will be contact, write anything in the text body and click submit.
        Try this and if it doesn’t work, let me know, I’ll send you my email ID.


    1. If you would really like to be a part of the team, then kindly drop an email through the contact form. I’ll be starting an email chain tomorrow. We can discuss all the potential roles for all the members there.


    1. Well, when I posted this particular post, I was thinking more on the front of simply talking about writing (There are two things I can never get tired of talking about, writing and heavy metal). Now, from the responses that I’ve got, I’ve ended up being quite confused. For example, the bloggers who have shown an interest have such varied niche that it’ll be complicated to focus on one thing. I do not want anyone to get frustrated with the idea. So, the only logical thing I can think of (So far) is to have some sort of framework for some kind of literary hub, you know, like for first few week, we can simply talk about writing (As I said, I cannot stop) and then we can possibly write few reviews, essays, literary articles. My major goal, or aim, is to give a platform for the people who are just starting with the blogging world. It took me two months to figure out few very basic rules and I’d like to help other people avoid those frustrations and focus more on their writing. I hope I didn’t made it too complicated.
      And you write very well, I’m actually honored that even for a brief moment you thought about joining us. Whether you do or not, I’m already stoked. 🙂


      1. I’m sorry if I’m late in the reply. I saw this post only today as a reblog on another blog and then headed to your blog to write down that comment. I didn’t know you had already started with this. I’m glad you considered my offer 😊🙏

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  3. Wow! What a very intense idea. I like it a lot and wish I was capable of writing as well as you, Brett and Naveed do.
    Tell you what… If you are interested in me attempting to try. If you don’t feel it’s a good tie for me to do so, you would not hurt my feelings in the very least.
    The collaboration theory, and what you want to accomplish out of it does sound intriguing.

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