So many people in the world would rather stay in a situation that’s painful but familiar because they’re comfortable with it. Not a lot of people have the strength or heart to realize when something’s not good for them and to turn around and be alone – Corey Taylor.

There isn’t anything new in this post, move over if you have to. After a while, there isn’t anything new to anything, life becomes a repetitive drag.

This particular post is a biased view of a self-taught idiot and not everyone might agree with me but the fine art of forgiving isn’t something that comes easy. We all try though, and on the same principles in which we struggle to move, to not judge do we struggle to forgive. It’s a vicious cycle, if you ask me. A lot of people simply struggle. My childhood was pretty much the same, a vicious cycle of my need to forgive or to be enraged. Well, let’s not sugarcoat it, my need to stab. Do not sympathize with me just about now. Wait for a while.

I simply hate being recognized as my father’s son and not my own self. So far I’m just known as Mishra ji ka beta (Mishra sir’s son) and sometime I feel as if I’ll always be known as Mishra ji ka beta and nothing else.

Looking back I was lucky that I survived, forget about my will, I simply did survived, other wise it was a perfect recipe to draw someone towards insanity. Or maybe I am, who knows, after all a pessimistic atheist who listens to metal has to be insane. If someone says that Metallica, Slipknot, Slayer are more important to them than Justin Bieber or One Direction, they have to be insane.

We live in a world where we have to hide to make love while violence is practiced in broad daylight – John Lennon.


I might be the shittiest person but I am one of the best reasoner you’ll ever find. Though if you can irritate me enough for me to give a fuck. Because most of the time, I simply walk away. I know that idiots do not understand or comprehend common sense. I mean if you don’t have the common sense to not spit or pee in every little corner that you see, then why the fuck am I supposed to respect you as a human being. A dog has better etiquette than most of you.

Have you ever noticed this? If a cow or dog is walking in the road and suddenly someone else is coming towards them, they move towards the side of the road and stop, letting the person pass. Now, idiotic humans, when they see someone coming towards them, they either charge towards the person in front of them or start running here and there like scared pigs. I mean, seriously, does animals have more common sense than us? There isn’t a point of trend, these things, they are always relevant. We all are pretentious.

β€œIndeed the most selfish thought,

A sense of self,

A sense of belonging to yourself,

A hypocritical thought,

In an utopian relationship,

Of broken and withered reasons.”


I neither forget nor do I forgive. And that’s where we all become unique. Everyone has a different approach to the art of letting go or letting it consume them. There is nothing more horrifying than that reality. Why should I be defined by what’s written in a book, by few rules. I’m a conflict of stereotypes Read my words. Read between the lines and you’ll know who I am.

And like I said, neither do I forget nor do I forgive. This is my art of letting go. I remember everything.

I’d rather be hated for who I am, than be loved for who I am not – Kurt Cobain.


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68 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Letting Go

  1. The John Lennon quote reminds me of my response to criticism when my kids were teenagers. I let them view movies without censor, because I replied to the critics, making love is natural, murder is not. Just my two cents, here, Nitesh. I do believe you forgive or you might not be writing the words you do.

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    1. Well, you can say that, I guess, though I believe that I simply walk away, I do not know about forgiveness. The slightest reminder of any of that and I feel the same rage I use to feel back then,so I don’t know if that’s forgiveness or a simple desire to move on.


      1. It has, I do not feel enraged all the time. Like I said, I’ve moved on. I just don’t like getting flashbacks from my past. Though I try to but the memories, they always linger. So it’s complicated, I guess. Emotions generally are.


      2. Well, thank you so much. You might remember I wrote in one of the chapters of a love story, when I talked about HIV AIDS and the pain I see in those children. It’s unbelievably difficult to explain all that I feel when I see them.


  2. Maybe both. Being a mother of three grown children, I know they’ve forgiven me for mistakes I made when they were young and I feel it. Living with your father is a constant reminder of the past, so forgiveness won’t be easy to come by. Separation does breed a new way of thinking as does growing older, more experienced.

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    1. Agreed. I don’t know, it’s kind of strange, you know, I do not like forgetting, it makes me feel as if I’m giving up on all the little things that gave me my soul, scarred, broken,doesn’t matter. But it is mine and I have no intention of leaving that behind. I move on, let’s not confuse that, I move on but I do not forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t come to me, I don’t know, it could be because I take everything in high regards. Who knows.
      I simply say we should never judge anyone simply because they have a different way of sinning. Inside we all sinners.


      1. Moving on yes, and I’m not saying anyone is capable of f orgetying. I’m not good at thst. I remember things I wish I could forget. maybe writing more and more will help you put the worst parts aside, once they are expressed?

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  3. Totally loved this post. I used to be just like you, but I felt I was being too hard on others, so I changed. There’s a bit of that old me left behind though, but that bit of vengeance protects me from people who will hurt me if they get the chance, so I’m never letting that go. ❀

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      1. And that is the point, we all are conflicts of sterotypes, you know. These perfect character, ideal characteristics, habits which are defined by the hands of clock, they’re only possible in books, in perfect Fiction. In reality, we all are conflict of sterotypes. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all end up pretentious. πŸ™‚
        I’ve just made my peace with that.

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      2. I agree. Which is why I’ve developed a love for George RR Martin’s works. His characters are so alive, and more so because they’re perfectly human. A little pretentiousness is needed I suppose – we live in a society after all- but not so much as to endanger one’s own identity. Nope!

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      3. I like to think I’m whole, and am slowly discovering the many pieces that make up the puzzle that I am. Hehe! Just my perspective. ❀

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  4. Nitesh, when there is something that pains the soul, then moving on is not an option. It stays, no matter what you do and even though we might never forget but forgiveness just comes naturally to all of us; we all forgive.
    For forgiveness means acceptance, and without acceptance nothing possibly makes sense.

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    1. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Personally, I do not consider acceptance to be forgiveness. I accept that people lack common sense, it doesn’t mean I forgive them for all the shit that they do. Though no one is asking for my forgiveness, I’m just giving an example.

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  5. Wish I could give expression to my writing like you do. Forgetting is impossible for me, it will lie dormant, to forgive ,possible sometimes. Pretentious, we all are to some extent. Honesty is best policy though hard to follow sometimes.

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