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Well, here I am, with six original sketches, drawing, art work or whatever blows your whistle. Well, five of them are done using pen and ink, my self-proclaimed specialty, and one using color pencils. I guess I still struggle a bit when it comes to working with colors. Hmm, maybe I’ should start working more with them. Oh, and one of these is a very quick sketch, you’ll know which one. I was really pressed for time.

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Full resolution images can be found in gallery.

Also, I was working with a little poem based on daily prompt but couldn’t finish it. Sketching does make you tired.

You can enjoy the little portions ’til then.

“Hanging by the thread,

Regrets of forever fading sights,

Immortal question,

What if?

Come and lie in these melting stones.

And as you’ll close your eyes, you’ll feel it infiltrate your every breath.”

via Daily Prompt: Peculiar

via Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting


54 thoughts on “Sketches Done On 10/09/2017

  1. Just wow…each sketch is unique ..Great! you all did it in one day…Hope you don’t mind, one small request ,someday you post video of sketch from start to end . Just curious how you are doing it as I’m not so good in drawing & painting.

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