Well, dear readers, just like my last post “The Dying Land” this time also, I’m going to use the daily prompt and the weekly photo challenge to create another post. This time it’s a poem.

The Eternal Wait

The Eternal Wait

In the depth,

Of the scream of every leaf,

Through strangled breaths,

If only we could soothe this motionless chaos,

if only we could collect the mist of memories forgotten.

If only.

But there is a way,

A way through

The darkness that is unworthy of coming lightning

Black and withered as old iron

A motionless chaos,

A need to numb the numbness.

Future is simply about figuring out the unknown.

It’s just our lack of will that is our bitter enemy,

Abandoned wounds will do only if we let them.

Even though thoughts are blanketed by bitter doubts,

Even if your wings of life are muddied by smut of despair

When you soar your wings and look at the sky with sustenance,

With will and determination to guide,

You’ll take a flight through burning sky,

For you are invincible when you believe in your will.

So say instead, life swallows darkness.

Maybe it’s time we stop waiting for life to happen,

Maybe the crescendo of dullness

Needs to be diminished

By the scintillating sparks of life.


Now I could have posted a picture of a man waiting for the bus or the train but where is the neuronal stimulation in that or more accurately, a chance for me to show off my creativity (I’ve warned many of you many times).

Finally, I labelled one of my sketches. Wow. Brilliant feeling. Now one little information, I generally end up uploading most of my original sketches to the gallery on the blog and I lack the determination, or time, to write a detailed post about it. When I went through the “Sketching” category in the menu, I saw there are some 12-15 posts about sketches yet I’ve uploaded atleast forty original sketches. Now a humble request, if you are interested, do have a look through the “MY Gallery” located in the sidebar for desktop and footer widget for mobile and tablets.

via Daily Prompt: Crescendo

via Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting


22 thoughts on “The Eternal Wait – An Original Sketch

      1. I did, but I didn’t want to be presumptuous. πŸ™‚
        It is such a wonderful thing to see your work inspire someone else’s. It’s the very currency a writer or any artist measures his/her riches in. Thank you for making me feel a little richer today. πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

  1. If you keep on scraping the wounds, you choose to not heal. All that is actually required is a firm conviction, a devotion to be better, to heal.
    Because :
    “If you live your life with no tomorrows
    Every day is just a road to sorrow”


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