A Ray of Sunshine


BY A Ray of Sunshine

What is change, a challenge or a fear?

Is it just the change of mind or soul or just the attitude?

Is it for someone special or just someone who is inside you?

Should the change be recognized or should stay mysterious?

Should we change to answer the question or just to avoid the question?

So what exactly is change? Nobody knows where it starts and where it ends. it just goes on and on. Sometimes we want to be the part of change. Sometimes we want to remain in our old same shell, never wanting to go out. Sometimes we change to make a person happy who matters the most in our life. And sometimes the person around you can bring the change in you. Sometimes we enjoy the change and yet there are some regret stories of change. So how one can decide what to change, when to change and how to change? well no one can decide. its a whole damn process which you can’t regulate properly. So let it be. Make yourself flexible for the change. Take the challenge to change. Taste the happiness and regrets of change. Feel the emotions of change.

Change is the evolution, evolution for survival, survival of the fittest.

Just remember, if nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.



Let me tell you one little fact, writing always helps. Few convoluted thoughts, abstract words that do not make any sense on the surface, random banters that seem too incoherent to be meaningful. And yet in these random, abstract, incoherent words, we end up finding our identity. This post is not about me or my philosophies, this particular post is about my dearest friend who tried writing for the first time. Now my fellow readers you tell me, can this girl write?

Hopefully we’ll educate her of the fact that she indeed can.

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4 thoughts on “A Ray of Sunshine

  1. Not only can she write but she can express herself through her writing, it’s not always about trying to be clever or writing something for someone else to understand, it’s about being true and honest to yourself and just letting the words fall out onto the page, and that particular piece the closer is brilliant and emphasises the whole point of what was written.

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