A World Without Border

A world without border, every time I say these words, it always brings a snarky smile to my face. Four words that’ll never be true. What I wish is a world, a world undivided by borders, personally speaking I would very much like if there was never a continent separation, one big land, Pangaea. We seem to divide us by geography, by race, hopefully if there was nothing for us to be divided by, we could have seen the point, that there is no fucking point, just hostile egos.

Science these days has become a joke. I am at the exact line that divides freaks from geeks, for me both of them blur into something primal, something critical, mind of a child. Why the fuck am I the weird one? Freaks and geeks, we are all the same, there is no distinction. We all have some traits that fall into certain predefined stereotypes. The first farmers, they were scientists, not bankers, not accountants, not politicians, not glorified lawyers and definitely not warriors. Early civilizations were built by immense contribution of these unsung heroes, yet all we remember and worship are the barbarians, vikings, murderers, rapist and then we praise them as great warriors, great visionaries who expanded the land of some shit country by few miles.

After all, they are the ones we define as our mortal Gods so it only makes sense that some of us should be devil, right? And who would be better than the idiots who gave us atomic bombs, nuclear reactor, electricity, motors because after all they are the ones responsible for wars, pollution, cancer, you know. It’s always the intention that define an invention as the greatest gift for mankind or the boon for humanity. A sustainable energy source was better suitable as an atomic bomb, I guess, that was a better option. Who the fuck cares about radiation poisoning when you can wreck havoc on a tiny little island.

You make by what you have. Some of us are destined to be forgotten, sadly it’s the people who always challenged humanity’s views on every step, idiots who thought that humanity was destined for something better, something great.

Hostile egos, nothing else.

I’ve seen hundred movies, hundred TV shows about another great warrior that extended the border of another shit land by few miles, warriors that fought like animals because instead of brain, they simply had balls. Ah, terrible joke. But then where would be the glory in that. Who would care about another doctor who stays in the hospital, working one hundred twenty hours in a week when we can actually see the great warriors, the heroes, kings, slaves. Who the fuck cares for a doctor. After all, all the supervillains have a designation of doctor too. Right Dr. Doom, Dr. Jim Moriarty?

I’m still waiting for a Hollywood adaption of Albert Einstein, or Isaac Newton, or Nikolai Tesla, don’t worry I’m not asking for an adaption of the life of Madam Marie Curie. You might not be homophobic but you’re something much worse.

Philosophy and principle are two completely different things. It pisses me off that we define our heroes on these principles. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hero. I never will be. At least not by the hypocritical standards of a conflicted society. Not by moral police. It frustrates me beyond comparison when someone says I’m a better man, I’m not, I’m just a human being, a conflict of stereotypes.

I’m a doctoral candidate at one of the leading medical institute in India, which one isn’t important But the point is a clerk in any government office makes more than me. Another reason which started another post of rants. Maybe we do deserve to be treated like shit, who knows? Or maybe comparing us with shit could be insulting to shit, you know. First farmers, they weren’t warriors, they were scientists.

Another Solitary Walk

Another lonely road where I generally write my rants. An odd seven hundred metre stretch of silence, the kind of silence you can expect in a city. A critical element which aids when I structure most of my posts these days.


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45 thoughts on “A World Without Border

  1. Well said Nitesh. 🙂
    Every single one of us takes pride in belonging to a diverse ethnicity, a different piece of land and its almost ironical how people are so blinded by chauvinism that they are ready to sacrifice their lives in order to defend these divisions yet not one person remembers to uphold the banner of humanity that unites us all as one. Maybe, its just our idea of integrity that is flawed.

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    1. “Maybe, its just our idea of integrity that is flawed.” Sometimes certain lines make you think really hard. What would we even call integrity? In reality, there isn’t any sense to integrity, only hostile egos, Bisma. That’s all there is to it. Do you really think we want to fight about India and Pakistan? Yet few ignorant old fools cannot do anything else because that is the only way they can feed their hunger, their hostile egos. Let me just stop, or I’ll write another rant in comment section too. 🙂

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      1. Exactly, Nitesh, exactly. We are just pawns in this much larger game of resentment and enmity.
        We can disagree but for that there is a price to pay, a hideous punishment for not abiding by the decisions of these superior powers, these so called leading figures, whose minds are plagued with a sordid hatred. They are supposed to be the voice of people but they are anything but that.

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      1. A conflicted mind, torn between ideals and comfort, a soul conflicted between philosophy and principles, maybe that is all there is to conflict of egos, all that causes regions of martyrdom, all that is to borders of land. a line on a piece of destroyed tree. a green that became endless white.

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  2. well. truth has been spoken once again. i agree with each and every word of this post and you penned it down beautifully.

    again i would say this is high time we start teaching people we are responsible for. i never heard a single anti-anything word at home.
    We read history just to pass exams and moved on.
    i have geographically scattered family. we literally follow different time zones. but never a single word of hate for any nation, race, human, gender, religion, sect ..
    this is the reason we grew up with a free mind. we had plenty of issues to deal with but hatred never made it to the list.
    for a very long time i didnt know casts of my best friend and she didnt know mine. because we never talked about it.
    i keep on hopping across the freak/geek line. so i know where are you coming from.
    well i could go on and on and on..

    great post! 🙂

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  3. Very well said. I felt as if I was reading a mix of a regular blog post and a poem. I respond very positively to that way of writing. Also, I like the message behind it. Just like you I also like to ‘Imagine’ a world without borders.
    I actually wrote about borders today myself. I’d be very happy for your feedback 🙂

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