My Friend Loneliness

“Why do people fear me and don’t like me? I just come to those who are alone to keep them company and yet they call me loneliness.”
Beautiful. I simply lack any other word of praise right now. Well, I’ll show you my appreciation in a simple way.


I sit alone in the dark room again, the night rain knocks on my window in morse code asking if I am ok? So I quickly tap back -. — to it. With the howl of the wind it disappears for a brief second just to come back with company. He is joined by loneliness, I look at them through my closed window trying to decide should I let them in or not.

From the attic I can sense something looking down at me so I decide to let them in to build up courage through company. I open the window and the feeling of unease together with the mysterious eyes disappears. Loneliness sits beside me and the rain says it would rather stay outside so I shake its wet hand and close the window again.

We talk in silence without end as no words are required, she reads my…

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