Portrait Sketchbook #7


I really love drawing with ink. No doubt about that, right? Hmm, so a while back, one of my friends asked me why I add this hatched lines and not simply try to give more realistic details. Alright, my answer went something like this, “Am I taking a picture or guiding my creativity, huh, you idiot. You can click realistic photos from your smartphone, I’m going to add hatched lines as long as I draw, because it takes skills to know where to add those scratchy hatched lines, idiot.”

See, I told you, I’m quite rude.


Anothe sketch of a girl in trance.

14 thoughts on “Portrait Sketchbook #7

      1. Sometimes people who don’t draw or paint area bout 200 years behind (pre photography) in terms of what they are looking for in art. But I try not to judge them too harshly for it! I’d be as confused if I was trying to understand most sports!

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