This story is no longer available on the blog. If you want to read the finished draft, drop me an email through the contact form and I’ll mail the word document to you.


24 thoughts on “A Love Story? – Chapter Twenty Four

      1. Though it necessarily doens’t have to be. As I’ve wrote once, we are defined by our choices, not chances. The things that did happened, they were chance, what we learn from them and how we evolve from them, that is what we chose to become by not forgetting them, that is how I believe we become better human. Not man or woman, but a better person.
        We should never forget.

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      2. I can give you my example, I don’t know about others, I respect everyone’s opinion, even if it’s something I do not want to hear. I do that because in my childhood, no one cared for my opinion. That is just one example, there are hundreds I can tell you. 🙂


    1. Well, I might sound rude. Oh whatever, I always sound rude. 🙂
      I do not write so that anyone listens. I write because that is the only way I can make sense of the chaos I see around me, I write because mundane things do not excite me anymore. After all, I’m sharing my most troubled memories, I’m not doing that so someone will symphatize, I do not need that anymore. I write because pages don’t judge. I write because these words make sense. Atleast to me. 🙂

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