Everyone believes that the people who introspect are just fascinated with death. In reality, death is the only thing that makes life worth living.
You don’t believe me? Read this and then tell me.

Walking With Scars

The day my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer she sent my dad to the best caterer in town, told him to call everybody, pulled out the crystal, and threw a cocktail party.

Two weeks after the loss of her breast, and the almost fatal attempt of reconstructive surgery, due to a rare infection, the mailman handed me an oversea’s package full of bras.

My mother is a practical woman.

She will not have you lamenting and whining about your terrible life. She knows about terrible lives, she had many of those and recognizes them for what they are: A Life. We comfort each other. We talk about our fears and sorrows, but we don’t complain over and over again about our lot. That’s how it always has been. My mother grew up in a time where death was an every day reminder of the actual fact that life…

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