A changed perspective.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder, how we perceive the world, It is easy to see positives, you just need hopeful eyes.

A Thought Process

As I step into the hospital corridor a familiar feeling of despair engulfs me. Something just doesn’t feel right. Something about this place ticks me off, something about this place sparks memories that I had long buried, long forgotten. Blinding fear tugs at my body, pulling me back into the darkness that I had once escaped.

The smell of antiseptics crawls under my skin, tying knots that are hard to untie. Everything is just too clean, as if a desperate attempt to conceal the existences of those who failed to succeed in face of the unjust, merciless presence of death. The concept of death has always been a fearful thought, carrying a painful uncertainty along with its being, yet just standing here allows me to see it up close, too close for my liking. I can taste the anxiety, the panic against my lips. I can see blood ,a red…

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