The Shit !

I couldn’t have said it better.


As you might have realized from my last post, I am a changed person as a reader, listener, viewer or writer. I have experienced consecutive, multiple, deep failures. And had enough time to introspect and change. But the one thing I was incapable of changing was the scenario around me.

I looked for what’s wrong. And was provided with the false satisfaction that the world needs time to change to good. You can’t get the good with a finger click. You need time, so does the world around you. But you see the shit happens in split seconds and we don’t argue against it.

Lets push the philosophy apart. I am talking about my country, not the world, because that’s the farthest my experiences have reached till date.

India is the part of Asia, where the people are considered intellectually superior than the rest of the world. And research tells…

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