And that’s called anti-climax.


Crepuscular Old Man, 1917 – Salvador Dali

Once Sorrow met Temper
And befriended Tears.

Together, masquerading a deception of untold pasts and partial pursuits,

They smudged a canvas of unravelling emotions.

A smattering of diabolical greys washed off by dismal blues and warring reds.

An image donning deceitful screams and feral glares born from resigning woes,

Painted a smeared vignette of silent resentments mottled with insidious reprisals.

Relinquished, lay the palette of blanched covenants and sullying deeds.

Bordered by a belligerent mosaic of gilded splinters from a reckless life-wreck,

Framed, the stained portrait, now lay ironically harmonized on a lonely life’s aging deck.


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