Alive Diary

Almost all of us have experienced it. Not only from the point of view of heartache but much more. Read this, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Sweet Stained Syllables

Dark, Dark empty nights started a friendship so deep.
But lost in these paths, no there’s nothing left for me.
Every moment like this one, how do I bear?
I keep telling myself i’ve forgotten you.
But then reality strikes again.
Oh friend what have you done?
Brought a girl to life and killed her once again.
Tell me how is it so easy for you to forget?
Two moment’s we spent, weren’t they the best.
You lit up my world, but now it’s dark again.
Serenity was never meant for me, but tragedy was the story I’ll tell,
About my world finding someone else.
And killing me, every chance he get’s.
Oh friend,
Please don’t weep,
I don’t blame you for the misfortune which saddens me
But i blame myself, I could have done things differently.
But that’s the sad reality to this tragedy.
Were forced to grieve upon…

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