Valuing those you already have.

A Thought Process

Okay imagine this: you are watching this movie in which the girl sits on her bed, makeup smudged face, tears trickling down from her swollen red eyes : totally messed up with a bucket of ice cream in hand preferably cookies and cream. A typical scenario shown in the movies depicting the loss of someone dear. But the truth is it doesn’t even come close to what real life loss feels like.

Loss is painful. It feels like being stabbed by a million pointed needles all at once. You crave for the presence of that one person so hard that you see them in everything and everyone. Whenever someone smiles ,you can’t help but think  about all those things that made them smile, you want to be the reason for that breathtaking smile just one last time. Whenever someone cracks a good joke, just the mere thought of their lame…

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