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Deep down, everyone wants to believe they can be hardcore. But being hardcore isn’t just about being tough – it’s about acceptance.

Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to not be hardcore for once. You don’t have to be tough every minute of every day. It’s okay to let down your guard.

Or may be toughness has nothing to do with strength. Or may be we all are fooled by our definitions of strength. Afraid of letting our guards down, afraid of another attack, afraid of moving on. But we can never be sure of the view until we peep through the walls, destroy the gates let our guards down. Who knows may be on the other side a breathtaking view is waiting for us.

In fact, there are moments when it’s the best thing you can possibly do – as long as you choose your moments wisely.


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3 thoughts on “Hardcore

  1. Hard core has its moments, i don’t think we need to be hardcore all the time, but, they will be situations, where, we have to be hardcore

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