“We all pay for our sins, but not by going to some biblical hell when we die, not by getting whipped till our skin gets ripped, we suffer all there is to suffer in hell right here. Guilt, that’s suffering enough. Wishing to kill yourself, abhorring your own existence that stinks more than any hell hole.”

“What have I done to deserve all this guilt I feel running my veins, edging past every inhibition, searing my identity like a sharp blade?”

“You loved someone more than you ever loved yourself, your heartbeat was in harmony with your wife’s. Love makes you do crazy things, things no sane person will do in their right practical mind.”

“Then why do I feel guilty if she died?”

“Because you have too much pride to simply understand not everything is in your control. And that is one truth you do not want to face.”

“And that is?”

“You’re not god.”


via Daily Prompt: Harmonize


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