IBMC #1: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #1

I am and so I am

We’re creatures of selective deafness, we practice the age old saying of ignorance is bliss more than anything. We bliss ignorance, somehow afraid that if faced the demons of society, somehow it’ll all crumbling down on us, breaking us out of our little glass shell. We all fight our demons every day, hiding in ourselves, crawling into the darkness. What do you want to know? Whether I’m an introvert, or a pessimist, or shy or just stubborn? I’m tired of being defined by what happened to me. I am what I am because of my choices, not chances. I’m not a man, not a woman but a human being.

One line summary

I’m tired of hiding from my demons, listen to me, this is my voice.


IBMC #1: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge


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