First Week of Blogging

Let’s get one thing clear before we start, writing is a difficult job and an even difficult art to master. If you do not respect the words, they end up coming back, with full blown karma, to bite you in the ass. Or what we officially call writer’s block.

After making a light-hearted, albeit horrible, attempt at writing humor, I finished my first week of blogging. It might not seem like much but the influence of blogging on my habits has been drastic. For example, last seven days I haven’t binge-watched any TV series, I’ve finished three short stories (1, 2, 3) which were procrastinated for almost six months. And I read some brilliant works by writers who write far better than most mainstream Indian authors. I do not have to name any of them, they are quite famous.

Since the day I started blogging, I’ve ended up being more productive. I do not binge watch television anymore. I still watch few series but only if the pilot makes a very good impression. I guess first impression are indeed very important. Talking of first impressions, I’d like to believe mine wasn’t so bad either.

This particular post night not be very important for anyone else but it’s a little milestone for me. So let me speak few words to my silent friend and give myself a pat on the back. It was a huge step sharing my writing and my sketches with the world.

If you would have told me two weeks ago that I’ll be starting a blog, I would have said, “You are out of your mind.” This particular blog was ignited quite abruptly.

It had been a good week and I’m not going anywhere too soon either, atleast not until I’ve exhausted all my words (and there is a slim chance of that). I made some new friends or atleast I’d like to believe that we are friends. Ilya, I know you’re irritated by now with my constant references to you. Sorry dude, being the first follower has its cost.

Lastly, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to success inspirers world and writer to writers for providing me a chance to showcase my writing abilities on their respective blogs.

I guess that’s all for this particular blog.


9 thoughts on “First Week of Blogging

  1. [ Smiles ] Congratulations on starting your own blog; I hope that it turns out to be a very successful one.

    By the way, there is something good that can come out of binge-watching television; it is: writing a review on the episode of the television show that you watched.

    May you have fun blogging!


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